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Geo. Barton

A. E[?]. U.

[Notes on Blood]

[Drawing of lungs]

[Drawing of Circulatory Organs]

[Notes on Stomach and Intestines]

[Notes on Digestion]

[Notes on Al. Canal]

[Notes on The Alimentary Canal]

[Notes on The Atraters Standard Diet]

[Notes on The appendicular skeleton]

[Notes on The long skeleton]

[Notes on Chemical Composition of the body]

[Notes on Zoology]

[Notes on Cell]

[Drawing of Right Tibia]

[Drawing of OS Innominatum]

[Drawing of Fifth Dorsal Vertebra]

[Drawing of Mandible]

[Drawing of Mandible]

[Drawings of arm bones of Man and Monkey]

[Drawings of wing bones of Bat and Chicken]

[Drawings of bones in unlabeled limb and Seal]

[Drawings of leg bones of Rat and Cow]

[Drawings of Air bubbles]

[Drawings of Blood carpuscles]

[Drawing of Sec. of Small Intestine of wildcat]

[Drawing of Sec. of Stomach]

[Drawing of Tongue]

[Drawing of Sec. of Oesophagus]

[Drawing of Cross Section of Spinal Cord]

[Drawing of Nerve Cells of Brain]

[Drawing of Boone Crooss Section]