Power of God

The Lord has power over the earth and all things on it

Jesus holds all power in heaven and in earth, Matthew 28:18 Mateo 28:18. "The Lord God hath power to do all things," Alma 7:8 Alma 7:8. Christ is the power of God, 1 Corinthians 1:24-25 1 Corintios 1:24-25. There is no power but of God, Romans 13:1-3 Romanos 13:1-3.

The angels and host of heaven are subject to Christ's power, 1 Peter 3:22 1 Pedro 3:22. He is the power in all things, D&C 88:5-17 D&C 88:5-17. God has all power and all wisdom, Alma 26:35 Alma 26:35.

The Lord's power is over all the inhabitants of the earth, 1 Nephi 1:14-15 1 Nefi 1:14-15. The Lord has power to fulfill all His words, 1 Nephi 9:6 1 Nefi 9:6. The apostles talk of the power of Jesus Christ, 2 Peter 1:16 2 Pedro 1:16. In the Lord's prayer Jesus reminds us of the power of God, Matthew 6:13 Mateo 6:13 and 3 Nephi 13:13 3 Nefi 13:13. David praises the Lord and declares God is his strength and power, 2 Samuel 22:32-33 2 Samuel 22:32-33.

The natural creations of the world show the great power of God, Romans 1:20 Romanos 1:20. The worlds were made by the Son who upholds all things, Hebrews 1:2-3 Hebreos 1:2-3. The Lord made the earth by his power, Jeremiah 51:15-16 Jeremiah 51:15-16. The Lord has power over the earth, Isaiah 50:2-3 Isaías 50:2-3 and Helaman 12:7-14 Helamán 12:7-14. Through the power of the Lord the stones that the brother of Jared prepared glowed, Ether 3:4-5 Éter 3:4-5.

The children of Israel where brought out of Egypt by the power of God, Deuteronomy 4:37 Deuteronomio 4:37. The plagues on Egypt demostrate the power of God, Exodus 9:15-16 Éxodo 9:15-16. The Lord's power was also demonstrated in the parting of the Red Sea, Psalm 106:8 Salmo 106:8-9.

In the second coming the Lord will appear in power and great glory, Matthew 24:29-30 Mateo 24:29-30, Mark 13:25-26 Marcos 13:25-26, Luke 21:26-27 Lucas 21:26-27, Joseph Smith--Matthew 1:36 José Smith--Mateo 1:36. The Lord will come in majesty and power, Alma 5:50 Alma 5:50. Christ will put all enemies under his feet, 1 Corinthians 15:23-26 1 Corintios 15:23-26.

Satan was cast out of heaven by the power of the Only Begotten Son, Moses 4:3-4 Moisés 4:3-4. Lucifer was cast out of heaven by the power of Christ, Revelation 12:9-11 Apocalipsis 12:9-11. Jesus has the power to destroy Satan, D&C 19:1-3 D&C 19:1-3. However, he allows Satan to tempt the righteous so they can gain strength.

Jesus had full power while on the earth

Jesus received all power from the Father, D&C 93:16-17 D&C 93:16-17. Jesus as the Son of God acted with power, Romans 1:3-5 Romanos 1:3-5. The Lamb is to receive power, Revelation 5:12-13 Apocalipsis 5:12-13. Jesus declares that He is the Christ, Matthew 26:63-64 Mateo 26:63-64, Mark 14:61-62 Marcos 14:61-62, Luke 22:67-70 Lucas 22:67-70.

Jesus shows the mighty power of God, Luke 9:43 Lucas 9:43. Jesus was given power over all flesh, John 17:1-2 Juan 17:1-2. Jesus taught with power, Luke 4:32 Lucas 4:32.

Jesus has power to lay down His life and take it again, John 10:18 Juan 10:18. Jesus had the power to save Himself from Pilate at any time, John 19:10-11 Juan 19:10-11.

Jesus had the power to forgive sins during His earthly ministry, Matthew 9:2-6 Mateo 9:2-6, Matthew 2:4-12 Marcos 2:4-12, Luke 5:18-26 Lucas 5:18-26.

The Holy Ghost manifests God's power

God anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost and with power, Acts 10:38 Hechos 10:38. All things are created by the power of the Lord's Spirit, D&C 29:27-33 D&C 29:27-33. Jesus Christ speaks by the power of His Spirit, D&C 18:47 D&C 18:47. Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost, 2 Nephi 32:2-3 2 Nefi 32:2-3.

True is revealed through the power of the Holy Ghost, Jacob 7:12 Jacob 7:12. "By the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things, Moroni 10:4-5 Moroni 10:4-5. Through the Comforter the power of God is manifest, Moses 6:61 Moisés 6:61. The power of the Holy Ghost brings hope, Romans 15:13 Romanos 15:13.

The apostles were commanded to remain in Jerusalem until they were "endued with power," Luke 24:49 Lucas 24:49. The apostles are promised they will receive power through the Holy Ghost, Acts 1:8 Hechos 1:8.

Jesus gave Nephi and the other 12 power to to give the Holy Ghost, 3 Nephi 18:36-37 3 Nefi 18:36-37, Moroni 2:1-2 Moroni 2:1-2. Meeting are to be conducted according to the power of the Holy Ghost, Moroni 6:9 Moroni 6:9. Micah is full of power from the spirit of the Lord, Micah 3:8 Miqueas 3:8.

The word of God has great power

The word of God is quick and powerful, Hebrews 4:12 Hebreos 4:12. The word of God has more power than the sword, Alma 31:5 Alma 31:5. Paul talks about the power of the preaching of the cross, 1 Corinthians 1:18 1 Corintios 1:18. The gospel comes in power, 1 Thessalonians 1:5 1 Tesalonicenses 1:5. "The kingdom of God is not in word, but in power," 1 Corinthians 4:19-20 1 Corintios 4:19-20. However, the power of the gospel is usually felt through the preaching of the word.

The Lord uses His power to help us

The Lord exercises His power for those who believe in Him, Ephesians 1:19 Efesios 1:19. The divine power gives us all things, 2 Peter 1:3 2 Pedro 1:3. The faithful have power to becomes sons of God, D&C 42:48-52 D&C 42:48-52. Those that receive Christ have the power to become the sons of God, John 1:12 Juan 1:12, and D&C 11:30 D&C 11:30.

The Lord strengthens us with His power and delivers us from the power of darkness, Colossians 1:11-13 Colosenses 1:11-13. God has given us a spirit of power and not fear, 2 Timothy 1:7 2 Timoteo 1:7. The Lord will put forth His hand and exert the powers of heaven, D&C 84:118-120 D&C 84:118-120. The Lord's power works in us, Ephesians 3:20 Efesios 3:20. The righteous are given great knowledge by the Lord's power, D&C 76:10 D&C 76:10.

The power of God overcomes both physical and spiritual death, 2 Nephi 10:25 2 Nefi 10:25. The gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation, Romans 1:16 Romanos 1:16. The power of Christs makes possible the resurrection and the atonement, Jacob 4:11 Jacob 4:11, Mosiah 18:2 Mosíah 18:2, and Mormon 7:5-7 Mormón 7:5-7. Christ has the power to redeem men from their sins on conditions of repentance, Helaman 5:10-12 Helamán 5:10-12. The second death has no power over those that take part in the first resurrection, Revelation 20:5-6 Apocalipsis 20:5-6. We are raised with power in the resurrection, 1 Corinthians 15:42-44 1 Corintios 15:42-44 God will raise us up by his own power, 1 Corinthians 6:14 1 Corintios 6:14.

In the last day the righteous will be preserved by the Lord's power and the Satan will have no power over the hearts of men, 1 Nephi 22:15-17 1 Nefi 22:15-17. Satan will have no power during the millennium, 1 Nephi 22:26 1 Nefi 22:26.

Jesus gave the righteous spirits power and authority to bring the gospel to all the spirits, D&C 138:29-30 D&C 138:29-30.

The righteous have great power given from God

A man may have great power given him from God, Mosiah 8:16 Mosíah 8:16">. Those that receive Christ are given power to work miracles, D&C 45:8 D&C 45:8. The Lord gives power to the faint, Isaiah 40:29-31 Isaías 40:29-31. The weak will "thresh the nations by the power of my Spirit," D&C 35:13-14 D&C 35:13-14. Those that endure to the end will be given power over the nations, Revelation 2:26 Apocalipsis 2:26. Those that are purified from sin will have power over evil spirits, D&C 50:29-34 D&C 50:29-34. The righteous are kept by the power of God, 1 Peter 1:5 1 Pedro 1:5.

The Old Testament prophets were given power.

Abraham is told that the Lord will lead him by the hand and His power will be over him, Abraham 1:18 Abraham 1:18. The Lord delivered Daniel from the power of the lions, Daniel 6:27 Daniel 6:27.

The power of God was demonstrated by the apostles in the New Testament. The seventy are given power over the enemy, Luke 10:17-19 Lucas 10:17-19. Peter and John testify that the man lame since birth was healed by the power of Jesus, Acts 4:7-13 Hechos 4:7-13. Stephen did great miracles among the people, Acts 6:8 Hechos 6:8. Paul preaches with the power of God, 1 Corinthians 2:3-5 1 Corintios 2:3-5. Paul showed signs and wonders through the power of the Spirit of God, Romans 15:18-19 Romanos 15:18-19. John is given power over death, D&C 7:1-3 D&C 7:1-3.

There are many examples of the Lord giving righteous men power in the Book of Mormon. Lehi spoke with power against Laman and Lemuel that they couldn't withstand his words, 1 Nephi 2:14 1 Nefi 2:14. Nephi was given power to shock his brothers, 1 Nephi 17:51-55 1 Nefi 17:51-55. It took the power of God about to destroy them for Laman and Lemuel to release Nephi, 1 Nephi 18:20-21 1 Nefi 18:20-21. King Benjamin and other holy men speak the word of God with great power, Words of Mormon 1:17 Palabras de Mormón 1:17. Abinadi had power given to him so that he could finish his message to King Noah and his priest, Mosiah 13:5-7 Mosíah 13:5-7. The sons of Mosiah had great power, Alma 17:2-3 Alma 17:2-3. Ammon had power to do many mighty works in the name of the Lord, Alma 19:4 Alma 19:4. The stripling warriors were saved from death by the power of God, Alma 57:25-27 Alma 57:25-27. The people were angry with Nephi because of his great power, 3 Nephi 7:15-20 3 Nefi 7:15-20. Nephi had the power of God acting through him, 1 Nephi 17:48 1 Nefi 17:48. Satan has no power over the 3 Nephites 3 Nephi 28:37-40 3 Nefi 28:37-40.

The Lord's power has also been given to men in our day. Joseph Smith was given power from on high to translate the Book of Mormon, D&C 20:8 D&C 20:8. Hyrum Smith is promised power from God, D&C 11:10-11 D&C 11:10-11.

In the last days the Lord's power will be demonstrated. The 144,000 are given power over the nations, D&C 77:11 D&C 77:11. Great power is given unto the two witnesses in Jerusalem, Revelation 11:3-12 Apocalipsis 11:3-12.

The power of God is manifest through the Priesthood

The power of godliness is manifest in the priesthood ordinances, D&C 84:19 D&C 84:19. Put on thy strength, O Zion (power of the priesthood), D&C 113:7-8 D&C 113:7-8.

The Melchizedek Priesthood has the power over all the Church, D&C 107:8 D&C 107:8. Jesus held the Melchisedec Priesthood, Hebrews 7:14-17 Hebreos 7:14-17.

Jesus gave Priesthood power to the Twelve Apostles, Matthew 10:1 Mateo 10:1, Mark 3:14-15 Marcos 3:14-15, Mark 6:7 Marcos 6:7, Luke 9:1-2 Lucas 9:1-2. Peter is given the sealing powers, D&C 128:10-11 D&C 128:10-11. When the Lord appeared to the Nephites He gave Nephi the power to baptize, 3 Nephi 11:19-22 3 Nefi 11:19-22. Joseph Smith was given all the keys of the priesthood, D&C 132:7 D&C 132:7. The Twelve in our day have the same power that was given in the other dispensations of time, D&C 112:30-32 D&C 112:30-32.

The rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, D&C 121:33-46 D&C 121:33-46. Even though a man is given power if he boasts in his own strength he will fall, D&C 3:4 D&C 3:4. Simon tried to buy the power of the Priesthood with money, Acts 8:18-20 Hechos 8:18-20.

Miscellaneous scriptures about the power of God

The power to do good is in each person, D&C 58:27-28 D&C 58:27-28.

In the last days people will have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof, 2 Timothy 3:1-5 2 Timoteo 3:1-5. Joseph Smith was told to join none of the churches because they denied the power of God, Joseph Smith--History 1:19 José Smith--Historia 1:19.

I generally just included scripture about the power of God, but I have a few exceptions for the power of the Devil. The devil has power over his kingdom and the Lord has power over his saints, D&C 1:35-36 D&C 1:35-36. The beast or the kingdoms of the earth have great power given unto them by the devil, Revelation 13:1-7 Apocalipsis 13:1-7. A second beast comes up with the power of the first, Revelation 13:11-15 Apocalipsis 13:11-15.