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Buckskin Tom

Henry Thomas Stolworthy (1860)

by Matilda Staker??

Grandpa Stolworthy was a cowboy. He was a foreman of the United Order Cattle and Sheep Company for 12 years, and the Indians blamed him for running cattle on the Buckskin Mountains, which they considered belonged to them.

One day Buckskin Tom as the Indians called him, rode out to see about the cattle. Old Moses, and Indian chief, watched him go, then took his gun and followed. When he came to a path between two rock cliffs, Old Moses, knowing that Buckskin Tom would have to come home that way, sat down to wait, intending to kill him as he came between the cliffs.

But just before Buckskin Tom got to the cliff he stopped his horse to see about some cattle there. A streak of lightning came from the sky and struck and killed the horse. Stunned, Buckskin Tom fell with the horse, and Old Moses thought he was dead. But he got up, pulled the saddle from the horse and went home.

Old Moses went back to the Indians and said. “Don’t bother Buckskin Tom any more. If the Great Spirit can’t kill him, the Indians can’t”. And after that Buckskin Tom lived a charmed life. The Indians were afraid of him.