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Ruby Esplin’s Piano

By Mark Esplin (17 July 1988)

I was talking to my mother last Sunday and she was telling me that she was thinking of buying a new piano. She told me about the old piano, the one that I knew ever since I could remember. It came from mother’s family. It was a big old upright piano. Mother says that it was the one she learned on while she was growing up.

Mother said she didn’t have a piano, until she got this one. After my dad and mother were married, they lived in several places Milford, etc. and mother never told anyone that she could play. While they were in Kanab at the place where they were renting she had access to a piano, but didn’t do to much with it.

After they came to Orderville they had the chance to get this piano. Uncle Vance helped them bring it to their place. Mother says that Lasca Chamberlain saw it going up the street and thought that really looked like a nice piano. When people knew that my mother played, they asked her to play for a few things. She was then called to play for mutual. She has been playing for mutual or Relief Society or other activities ever since. It is hard for me not to picture my mother playing the piano and being involved with music. When I asked her about not playing the piano during her early married years, she said she was plenty busy having and raising Luane and Roy.