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Orderville, Utah
July, 23, 1983

Dear Ruby,

My heart goes out to you and your family with sincere love and sympathy at this time.

You have always been one of my very special people! I admire you in so many different ways and for so many things. You have been blessed with many talents and have been so willing to help others and to share your talents. You have taught me valuable lessons. While sharing the same home years ago, I learned to love and respect you for your honesty and sincerity - no pretense. I appreciate the helps and encouragement you have given me with the organ and piano and for always being so helpful and willing to accompany Farel and I and for the many countless hours you spent in practice.

I remember of smelling bread baking at your house and watching you take those beautiful, even loaves of bread from the oven to the kitchen cabinet to cool.

I appreciate the helpful hints you gave me in sewing - especially how to hand hem.

I enjoy very much your beautiful preludes each Sunday morning! They really set the spiritual tone for the Sabbath Day.

I admire you for the sincere love and devotion you have shown to Willard these past seven years.

May the Lord bless and comfort you and your family, especially at this time of sorrow.

Love, Colleen (Sorensen)

This letter would have been received just after daddy died.

The following is the letter that Gayle sent me with the letter from Collen:

Dear Family,

I thought this letter was such a nice tribute to Mother and tells a lot about her personality. I thought you would like to have a copy to put with your family histories.

Love, Gayle