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Miles Morgan

A Springfield Colonist

Shennie Esplin
Wed, Jan, 22, 1992 (Due)

I decided to write about Miles Morgan. He was the grandson of Sir William Morgan. Sir William Morgan was sheriff in Wales in 1612 and he was knighted in 1633. Miles was born probably in Llandorff, Glamorgan county Wales. He might have been named after Miles Morgan who died with Humprhy Gilbert, half brother of Sir Walter Raleigh. Humphry Gilbert thought he could get to China through or around China. Humphry Gilbert and Miles Morgan drowned in their attempt to find this northern route. Miles moved to Bristol, England a few years before he moved to Boston, Massachusetts.

Miles Morgan reached Boston, Massachusetts with his two brothers in April 1636. His oldest brother, James Morgan settled in New London, Connecticut. John Morgan settled in Virginia and Miles Morgan became one of the colonists who founded Springfield, Massachusetts. Miles was second in command next to Colonel Pychon, even though he was the youngest in the company. He became one of the most important and useful men in the Springfield colony.

Indians were one of the major problems in Springfield. Miles was noted for his bravery with the Indians. In 1675, in King Philips War, the Morgan’s home was attacked by Indians, but Miles Morgan and his sons bravely fought off the Indians so they retreated. The next year Miles son was killed by the Indians. Land was also a problem. One of the Morgans wrote a letter to the Govenor of Massachusetts asking for more land, so that their children would not have to build a new colony. The Govenor of Massachusetts gave them more land near Springfield and they set up a new village.

Miles Morgan not only had to defend the colony but he had to help the colony to prosper. Miles Morgan was the butcher while Colonel Pychon was the grocer. Miles Morgan married Prudence Gilbert in about 1643 and had nine children Mary, Jonathan, David, Peletiah, Isaac, Lydia, Hannah, and Mercy. Prudence died in 1660. He later married Elizabeth Bliss in 1669 and had one child, Nathaniel. We think Miles Morgan died on July 23, 1678.

Later the Morgans moved to Vermont, and developed the Morgan House. The University of Vermont established a Morgan Horse Farm, which I was able to visit.

[Photographs of a statue of Miles Morgan and the Morgan Horse Farm]