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Brief History of Peter Larsen

Written by his wife, Hannah Acomb Larsen.

Peter Larsen was born March 5, 1878, in Mendon, Utah. He was the son of Hans Peter and Eleanor Shelton Larsen. His father was one of the first settlers in Mendon—a real pioneer. His mother was born in Philadelphia, as her parents were on the way to Utah to join the saints there. She was a fine, noble woman.

Peter was the oldest of nine living children. Three had passed on in infancy. As they were not rich enough to hire help, he had to go to work on the farm quite young and really helped to raise the younger family.

His schooling was very meager. He was taken out for spring work and kept out until the fall work was done. So a winter quarter every year was the most of what he spent in school. He was very studious as a boy and as a young man. He was a great reader and thus became a self-educated man. He was very active in church work from the time he was a deacon. I think he was a counselor in all the Aaronic Priesthood Quorums. As a young man he was a teacher in Sunday School for a number of years. He also was a counselor in M.I.A. For a great many years he was Secretary and Treasurer for the Y.M.M.I.A. In the days of Religion Class, he was the supervisor for a number of years. He also was assistant to Superintendent W. I. Sorensen in the Sunday School—a position he held until he was appointed second counselor to Bishop M. D. Bird in the Mendon Ward. He held that position for four years until he moved to Nevada with his family.

After his return home, he was associated with Brother Charles Ladle and Brother Phin Bird on the Old Folks Committee. These three were drawn very close to each other during those years. After Brother Ladle resigned, Peter was chairman of the same committee for a few more years. He was also active on the missionary committee.

In civil affairs he served three terms as city councilman and two terms as mayor of Mendon city. His advice was sought on many occasions, but no one would know it by his actions as he was very humble and very unassuming. He often wondered if he were worthy of the trust that was placed in him.

He married Hanna Acomb on June 29, 1904, in the Logan Temple. Thirty-seven happy years were spent together. Two children, one an adopted daughter and one son of their own, made their home complete. He left seven grandchildren whom he thought were wonderful. He had a great love for little children.

I think one of the happiest times of his life was when his son filled a good, honorable mission. That meant more to him than any worldly honor.

Peter Larsen died February 28, 1941. He died with full faith in the gospel of this church. He was a High Priest at the time of his death and still a ward teacher, a position he held all his life.

Added thoughts for the history of Peter Larsen Jr. by Maggie Larsen Bergener:

Peter was given a very wonderful patriarchal blessing. In it he was told he would be called to help build up Jackson County, Missouri at the second coming of Christ. As he has been dead many years, he would come as a resurrected being.

I don’t remember by father ever taking my mother to an “Old Folks Party” because of his age, but I went with mother one time. She was watching all the others dance. Suddenly, her wonderful, large son, Pete, came and took her out on the floor to dance a quadrille! She was so very proud and happy! I never saw her dance again.