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Matilda Stolworthy, kneeling beside the cradle of her sick child, begged her Heavenly Father to restore it to health. Feeling a breeze, she turned to see a stranger standing in the room. He had a kindly face covered with a white beard, and a peaceful countenance which gave Matilda the courage to offer him a chair. “No, I just came to see your sick child.” Laying his hands upon its head he murmured a prayer in an unfamiliar tongue. Then, turning to Matilda, he assured her that the baby would grow to womanhood to become the mother of ten. matilda turned to note that the baby had gone to sleep. When he turned back the stranger had gone. Outside she was able to trace his footsteps to the gate, but no farther. Neighbors assured her that the stranger had been seen by no one else. His promise was later fulfilled to the letter, and she always felt that a Nephite had visited her.

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This anecdote refers to Matilda Jenkerson, Wife of Thomas Stolworthy. The baby daughter was Elizabeth Jenkerson Stolworthy, born 17 July 1856, Parowan, Iron Co., Utah