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Children of Israel and Charlotte Hoyt

This is just a short sketch of each of our children. How I wish I had a full record of each child. This will just be a small part.

ISRAEL VERN HOYT, our first baby was very welcome when he arrived at our home in Orderville, May 28, 1913. He weighed 8 1/2 pounds and had blue eyes and dark brown hair. What a thrill to hold his cuddled in my arms. He was a very sweet baby, and it was a good thing he was so good natured the way we had to learn to care for a baby all of our own.

Vern was blessed June 6, 1913 by Bishop Henry Chamberlain. At the age of eight he was baptized in the reservoir in Alton by Junuis Heaton on June 3, 1921. He was confirmed on the same day by John D. Roundy. He was ordained a deacon on June 7, 1925 by Bishop John B. Heaton. On June 24, 1928, he was ordained a teacher by Israel Heaton. He was ordained a priest on June 1, 19--__, by Heber J. Meeks and later ordained an Elder by Bishop Quimby C. Roundy.

Vern joined the C.C. Camp, February 4, 1934. He had just recovered from the measles and had to work in the river. It was too much for him and he contacted pneumonia and was taken to the Veteran’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. He died there of an embolism

At the time we received word of his sickness, our eleven-month-old baby had measles, and whooping cough, and I was unable to go to him. I went through everything a mother could, but my place had to be with my baby. All I could do was pray and depend on the Lord for comfort.

Vern died on May 16, 1934, and the night he was buried our baby passed away also. I always felt Vern wanted and needed him, so I tried to be brave about it. But, oh, it was hard. Anthony Pendleton of St. George did his endowment work in the temple on June 19, 1935.

ORSON CARLOS HOYT Baby Orson was born in Orderville, January 27, 1915. He weighed 10 1/2 pounds. He had dark hair and blue eyes. He was a very pretty baby, but his life lasted only ten days. He was called back home, leaving us heart-broken. Just a little soul budded on earth to blossom in heaven. He was blessed by Bishop Henry Chamberlain in Orderville.

LAMOND HOYT Lamond, another baby boy, came to earth just long enough to be blessed and fill our arms for eight hours. Then, he too was called back home. I was so broken up when two babies had been taken I could hardly control myself. Without God’s help I would have been lost, but I found a great comfort in His loving care so I raised my head and understood God knows what is best. Lamond was born in January 2, 1915. He also weighed 10 1/2 pound and had brown hair and blue eyes. He was blessed by Israel H. Esplin.

DILWORTH HOYT Dilworth was such a comfort when he arrived on April 19, 1917. We were so frightened for fear something would happen to him, but did enjoy him so much. Aunt Lettie Cox, (the midwife) lived in part of our house and was a great help to us to build our spirits up and assure us all was well with our darling, even if he did cry a lot in the evenings and wanted to walk outdoors. I decided it was because is so, so lonely evenings before he was born.

Dilworth was blessed by Alfred R. Meeks on July 1, 197. He was baptized on May 3, 1924 by Elmer Roundy in the Alton Reservoir and confirmed the same day by Bishop John B. Heaton. On May 5, 1929 he was ordained a deacon by Bishop Quimby Roundy. he was ordained a teacher on August 14, 1032 by Preal George. He was ordained a priest on August 5, 1934 by Bishop Quimby Roundy, and ordained an elder on August 14, 1937 by Myron Elmer Roundy.

He married Edna May Goulding, at Panguitch, Utah, on August 17, 1936. They were both very young, very much in love and happy.

A premature baby girl was born to them on February 19, 1937, but lived just a few hours. They named her Maida. Ardeth, their second daughter was born on May 3,1 938 and Eudell, a sons, was born on October 19, 1939.

When these children were very small May passed away on May 11, 1943. Her mother lived next door and helped Dilworth with the children.

On January 12, 1945, Dilworth joined the Army at Fort Douglas, Utah. He went from there to Fort McArthur in California and from there to the Pacific in japan. The war was over and he was never in action which I was happy about. He was a rifleman, ammunition bearer and military policeman. While he was in Japan he says he and Tom got together, but Rollan had been shipped out. He was released from the military on June 1, 1946 and came back home for a few months.

On November 8, 1946, Dilworth married Elaine Heaton in Alton, Utah. Ardeth and Eudell made a full family.

On September 16, 1948, they were blessed with a little girl they gave the name of LaRue. A son Gerry H. was born on March 5, 1950, and another daughter, Jennie, was born on june 10, 1953.

Dilworth has worked in the coal mines, herding sheep and as a timber man. At present he cut timber from Whiting Brothers in Arizona and lives in Glendale, Utah. He is 62 years old and a grandfather of 19.

ROLLAN HOYT Rollan, our little curly headed boy, came to join us on April 27, 1919. He was blessed on May 5, 1919 by Fredrick C. Hoyt. He weighed 10 1/2 pounds and had such pretty brown curly hair. We let it grow quite long because it was so pretty and when his father cut it short I felt terrible. Everyone noticed his hair and it made him very self conscious. He was try to plaster it down tight, until be began to notice the girls and they liked it. He was very handsome.

Rollan was baptized by his father, Israel Hoyt, on June 5, 1927, in the Alton Reservoir. He was ordained a deacon on April 26, 1931, by Bishop Quimby Roundy and ordained a teacher on July 8, 1934 by Bishop Quimby Roundy and ordained an elder on july 8, 1940 by Charles C. Heaton.

Rollan married Wana Roundy on September 10, 1940 in the St. George Temple. This was Dad’s and my 28th wedding date.

They were blessed with four lovely daughters. Eulene, born on August 16, 1942, Laurel born on February 23, 1944, Verla born October 6, 194_, and Sherrie born on May 30, 1955.

When Eulene was just a baby Rollan was inducted into the Army on December 3, 1943. He trained in the states then served in Italy, France and Germany. Then to the Philippines and Japan. he was injured in Germany and has never been in really good health since. He was discharged on December 19, 1945.

Rollan was an excellent student in school, but went to work very young, only thirteen years old to help support our family. He is very talented in reading and dramatics.

Rollan has worked at many jobs, sheepherded, construction, timber, mines, produce business and presently owns and runs with his wife a small tourist shop known as Tod’s north of Alton on the highway.

He is the proud grandfather of ten.

WILLARD HOYT Willard was born on May 6, 1921, just missed by birthday, but many present come just a little early so I have always called him my birthday present. One I am very proud of. He weighed 9 1/2 pounds at birth and had dark brown hair and blue eyes. Always so full of energy.

He was blessed by Charles Hepworth in Orderville, Utah on May 14, 1921. On July 7, 1929 he was baptized on the Alton reservoir by Lloyd W. Heaton and confirmed on the same day by Bishop Quimby Roundy. He was ordained a deacon on May 7, 1933, by Byron D. Roundy. He was ordained a teacher on June 7, 1936 by Bishop Quimby Roundy, a priest on July 30, 1939 by President Woodruff Rust. He was ordained an elder on July 30, 1939 by President Rust also.

He was very active in church and school. Played the guitar and sang. He was Student Boy President his senior year at Valley High in Orderville and was also a top basketball player.

Willard was accidentally shot in the face by Donald Roundy on August 17, 1936. It could have been fatal, but we were lucky and

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Aleena was blessed October 19, 1924, be Fredrick C. Hoyt. He was baptized June 3, 1934 by her father, Israel Hoyt, in the Alton Reservoir, and confirmed on the same day by Herald H. Heaton.

Aleena was a talker. She walked when she was only nine months old. She was always a very good girl to assume responsibility and was always a great help to me. Always good to attend her meetings and do what was asked of her. She and her sister sang a great deal in public gatherings. She played the guitar.

When Aleena was not quite seventeen, she married Rollace Allen Pugh in the St. George Temple, on May 12, 1942. Rollace went in the Navy and they drifted apart and were divorced in 1947. She went to California, and then to Salt Lake City. She worked as a clerk, waitress and telephone operator. In Salt Lake City she met and married Frank F. Okamura on February 3, 1949, in San Bernadino, CA. Then Micheala came to join them on February 3, 1949 in San Bernadino, CA

Frank was following a career in the Army nd for nineteen years they traveled with home in Idaho, California, Utah, Germany and Virginia. They finally settled in Idaho Falls, Idaho, where he retired. She and Frank and the proud grandparents of six.

ERROL HOYT Errol was born on February 1, 1928, and was blessed by M.E. Roundy on the same day as he was not expected to live. Thanks to our Heavenly Father he did and has always been a very good boy.

Errol was baptized on July 5, 1936 by Merrill Heaton in the Alton Reservoir, and he was confirmed on the same day by Bishop Quimby Roundy. He was ordained a deacon on March 3, 1940 by Karl S. Roundy, Ordained a priest by Herald H. Heaton and ordained an Elder by T. Lavoy Esplin on October 26, 1952.

Errol enlisted in the Army Air Corp on January 5, 1948 at Fort Douglas, Utah. He took his basic training in San Antonio, Texas, then went to Hawaii and Johnston Island for twenty-two months. After his return he was based in Denver, Colorado until his discharge on January 4, 1952.

Errol has been active in church work throughout his adult life.

He married Julia Clorene Roundy on july 15, 1954, in the St. George Temple. They have four daughters and two sons. RaJan was born on June 1, 1955, Julie Rae on May 16, 1956, Suzie on October 5, 1959, and Charrena, born on June 4, 1962. Their boys are Carlon Israel and Kelly Errol.

Errol has worked for Whiting Brothers Lumber Company in Fredonia, Arizona, for many years driving truck.

He was homes in both Alton and Fredonia and has done a lot of work on both of them.

LAVEE HOYT BIBBY LaVee, our second little girl was born on June 29, 1930 in Alton. She was a real lovely baby and weighed nine pounds, with dark hair and blue eyes. She was blessed by Bishop Quimby Roundy on July 6, 1930.

LaVee was very bright and good in school. She skipped the fourth grade. When she had to go to Orderville to high school she was not at all happy and quit before she graduated. She joined Aleena in Merced, California and later they went to Salt Lake City, Utah.

LaVee was very musical, she taught herself to play the piano and had a very sweet singing voice. She and Aleena often sang for special occasions. She was very backward at first, but learned to rather enjoy it.

While in Slat Lake City she met George Glenn Bibby, who was stationed with the Army near there and they were married on February 9, 1951.

They had two daughters, Michelle Margaret, born on April 15, 1953, and Mistie May, born on May 23, 1955. Nine years later Kevin Glenn was born on September 24, 1964.

They presently live in Las Vegas, nevada, where LaVee works in an office for one of the big unions. They have one grand daughter.

JOSIAH HOYT Little Si was born on June 13, 1933 in Alton. He was another little curly headed boy, blonde and blue eyed. Such a sweet baby. He was blessed on June 22, 1933 by my father, Henry Thomas Stolworthy, who had come to visit. I was so happy to have him bless one of my babies.

When Si was nine and \‘bd months old he came down with both the measles and whooping cough. For seven weeks I held him in my arms trying to nurse him back to health. The day received word Vern was in the hospital with pneumonia Si also developed the dreaded disease. The day we buried our beloved Vern, our little Si also slipped away. He died May 19, 1934. Two dear children taken within three days. God knows best, but it was almost more than we could bear.

BRUCE S. HOYT Bruce, our tenth baby boy was very welcome. We were so lonely for our little Si and Bruce helped to fill the heartache. He weighed twelve and 1/2 pounds at birth and was born in Sister Broadbent’s home in Kanab on January 22, 1936. Dr. George Aiken delivered him. My twelfth and largest.

Bruce was always a good steady boy. He loved the hills and canyons, and cared little for dancing or girls.

He was always good to attend his meetings, his big desire always was to go on a mission.

Bruce was blessed on March 1,1 936, by Bishop Quimby Roundy. He was baptized on July 2, 1944 by Richard Heaton in the Alton Reservoir and confirmed on the same day by Herald H. Heaton. He was ordained a deacon on February 1, 1948, by Lauren S. Roundy, Ordained a teacher in St. George by Ross Cyphus, ordained a priest in February 1953, and ordained an elder by T. Lavoy Esplin on May 29, 1955.

Bruce was a very good student. He was vice president of the student body at Valley High in Orderville and he was also Senior Class President. He was an honor student when he graduated. he was very good at public speaking.

When he was nineteen he went to Tocito, New Mexico and worked in a trading post one winter for Melvin McGee. I also spent most of my time with him keeping house, etc. We both enjoyed getting acquainted with the Navajo Indians.

On February 1, 1956, he went into the mission home and from there to the Southern States Mission where he spent two very busy, happy years. He returned to our home in Merced, California on February 11, 1958, where he worked for his brother, Bill, as Nahas Produce Company, before going to Provo, Utah to begin college at BYU. After several interruptions in his college education to work and to care for Dad and I, Bruce finally graduated in June of 1968 with a degree in teaching.

Bruce taught one year in Fredonia, Arizona. Since that time he has worked as a school bus driver, custodian, in the timber as a clerk on a trading post in Arizona, as a carpenter, and now once again he is teaching school.

Bruce has always been very active in all areas in the church. He was scoutmaster for several years.

He was ordained a high priest by Dr. Howard Roberts on November 17, 1974. Bruce is very gifted in many ways. He loved animals and the out of doors.

RAHNELL HOYT SEWARD RahNell was born on June 9, 1939 in Alton. She weighed eleven and 1/2 pounds and had blue eyes and dark hair. She was a sweet baby and very good natured. Our thirteenth and last baby. She was blessed on July 2, 1939, by Herald H. Heaton. She was baptized on July 6, 1947 by Orlo Palmer in the Alton Reservoir and confirmed on the same day by Bishop Allen Cox.

She was a very good student and an honor student at graduation. She loved music and sang frequently alone and in groups. I was not able to attend her graduation because I was in New Mexico with Tom’s family, so he and Joyce could be with Dennis in the hospital. I felt bad, but Tom needed me more.

RahNell spent one year in Farmington, New Mexico while in school. She also went to part of her high school senior year in Merced, California, but she graduated from Valley High in Orderville.

She worked as a cashier at Zion National Park for two summers. She worked in Merced at the Bank of America in several positions. She was ward dance instructor. She loves to dance, swim, skate and sing. RahNell married Richard LeRoy Seward on July 29, 1961. They have two daughters, Veronica, born on October 22, 1960 and Ja Lene, born on July 12, 1962. Richard, their son, was born in mary 1974. RahNell lives in Portland Oregon, where she works as office manager for the Radio Cab Company. She has one granddaughter.}