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Israel Hoyt and Clarissa Amanda Miller:

Harriet Amanda    married Isaiah Bowers
Israrel           died in infancy
James Hyrum       died in infancy
Elinor Angline    married Thomas Chamberlain
Emily Alvira      married John James Esplin
Lucy Amillia      married Eliga Thomas Adair
Josiah Miller     married Ellen Spencer and Mary Ellen Meeks
Daniel Henry      died in infancy
Lillian Bulah     married Cyrenus Facrell

Israel Hoyt and Hannah Elizabeth Cook:

Mary Maria        married Francis Lysander Porter
Clarrissa Amy     married Jonathan Heaton
Homer Cook        died in infancy
Joseph Henry      died in infancy
Hannah Elizabeth  married Jessie Milo Palmer
Luella Paulina    died in infancy
Amanda Jenette    married Jessie Milo Palmer
Timothy Cook      married Eliza Ann Parry
Nella Avellia     married John Franklin Robertson

Israel Hoyt and Bertha Sumner Fackrell:

Amy               died in infancy

Edward Lamb who was raised with the family married Rosannah Stolworthy