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Was married the same time as Israel Esplin and Chastie Stolworthy

Eleanor A. Hoyt, daughter of Josiah M. Hoyt and Mary Ellen Meeks Hoyt. Born Dec 18, 1884, Orderville, Kane County, Utah. Blessed Dec 1884 by Josiah Miller Hoyt, Baptized Jan 4, 1893, by Carmi Nephi?. Confirmed Jan 4, 1893 by Thomas Blackburn. married to Joseph Jorgensen at St. George temple by David Cannon. Died August 1, 1937.

December 4th was a cold windy day, but for all that we, I mean Joseph and I, my cousin Israel Esplin and his betrothed wife Miss Chastie Stolworthy started for the warmer clime St. George. After three days travel we arrived safe and sound in the noted city about 9 o’clock p.m. after riding about town and inquiring at every house, we found Edward Pugh’s. They were looking for us, and gave us a hearty welcome and something good to eat for which we were very thankful. The Temple not opening till Tuesday, we had Monday to prepare for our work in the Temple. Tuesday morning dawned bright and clear and our young hearts were gladly beating, thinking of what was to take place that day, that would seal their plight for life. Never will we forget the Holy and Heavenly feeling that came over us as we entered that Grand and Beautiful house of the Lord. WE were married by Brother David Cannon, a man who’s looks would tell you that he was a man of God. He was always smiling and happy.

We stayed and worked in the Temple two days, then started for our home, Dec 11th. we did not travel so fast coming back and did not arrived here till Monday, Dec 15th. Found my father, Josiah M. Hoyt, very ill for which we were very sorry. (A few weeks later Josiah passed away leaving two wives and two large families.)

On Dec 25 we gave our wedding reception. Dinner at four p.m. for the older folks. Dance and supper at night for the young folks. Had an excellent time.

Eleanor Angeline Hoyt