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Grandpa’s Drawers and Pants

By Ross S. Esplin

In the days when men used to wear drawers over their L.D.S. garments Grandpa John J. Esplin found himself in the most embarrassing predicament. It was his custom when the weather was warm to take off his drawers while he was working in the fields and occasionally, when it was really hot, to take off his pants too. On one particularly sultry day, Grandpa had shed both drawers and pants as he worked at plowing in the Cove. He had completed several circuits of the field and was at the end farthest from his drawers and pants when, to his consternation, Mark and Sally Chamberlain drove into the field immediately adjoining the spot where Grandpa had left his clothes. He halted his team and waited, hoping that their visit would be a short one. But it wasn’t. Mark proceeded to hitch his team to a plow and to set to work. Sally ensconced herself on the wagon seat commanding a view of the whole surrounding countryside and took up her mending. What was Grandpa to do? All he could do was retire to the grove of trees adjoining the spot at which he had stopped, and wait….a long, long wait. Not until sunset was he able to recover his drawers and pants and return home.