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Funeral Services of John James Esplin

                Held at Orderville, 3 January 1937

Conducted by:  Joseph Jorgensen, second counsellor to Bishop Rulon
               J. Carroll.
Song by choir: Oh Star Divine
Invocation:    Alfred R. Meeks of the stake high council
Trio:          A Perfect Day sung by Willard, Thomas Lavoy and
               James Esplin, grandsons
Speaker:       Henry W. Esplin, brother
Violin solo:   Sing Me To Sleep by Howard Spencer
Solo:          The Lord is My Shepherd by Leonora Spencer,
Speaker:       Fred G. Carroll of the stake presidency, brother-

Joseph Jorgensen made a few remarks and paid tribute to Father and his family for the good record they had made. He said Father had hitched his wagon to a star and had won the race. His work in the temple was a fitting end to “A Perfect Day”. He had just gone home

Frant relates:

When Father first started as an ordinance worker in the St. George Temple it was very difficult for him. He became very nervous and upset, almost to the point of giving up in despair. I came through St. George on my way to take supplies out to our sheep herd below Bunkerville. I stopped to see Father. I told him it would do him good to get away awhile. he went with me to the sheep herd and had a change of mind for a while. The brethren in the temple encouraged him and were patient with him. He finally overcame his nervousness and was able to do his part well. he was very thankful to Jeter Snow, Brother Whitehead and others for helping him. He was thankful that he did not give up and quit. He enjoyed very much his two years as temple ordinance worker. He spent ten more years doing work for the dead in the temple. After he lost his two wives temple work proved a great solace to him.