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From a talk given by Henry C. Esplin at the Esplin reunion in St. George, June 14, 1953.

I wish to relate some few of the things I have experienced that show the great respect others had for Grandfather John Esplin.

Some years ago I was traveling through Iron County by team. While passing through Hamiltons Fort I noticed a sign, Oats for Sale, I was in need of oats for the horses so I went in to get a sack of oats. After getting them I asked the man if he would accept a check as pay. He agreed and I gave him my check. He looked it over and handed it back. I was quite taken aback, wondering what he meant. I didn’t have long to ponder, as he asked if I was a relative of John Esplin. I replied that he was my grandfather. He remarked, “I thought so, and I couldn’t take pay from a relative of John Esplin. He was the most liberal [generous] and best man I ever knew.” After convincing him that the Esplin posterity was quite numerous and that many of them may be passing this way in need of oats, beyond what he could afford for free he accepted pay. On leaving I assured him I appreciated his good opinion of Grandfather and I hoped I could in a small way at least honor his good name. This man was John Urie. He came from Scotland, a convert to the church, and settled in Nephi; from there to iron County where he spent the remainder of his life. It is likely he met Grandfather at Nephi.

Another incident happened at Orderville. There was a social in session. The talk centered upon the Scotch and the stories were typical tight-wad Scotch stories. After listening to these stories for some time my father got to his feet, made several circles in the center of the room and said, “You can say what you please about the Scotch people but my father was on of the best and most liberal men I ever knew.”

I hope we, the offspring of these noble people will appreciate our heritage and will spend a portion of our time and means to unite them with their progenitors, and to live such lives that we also may be worthy to join them, to be eventually one large and happy family. May this be our happy lot, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Henry C. Esplin