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Son of Thomas B. Covington and Jane Thomas

Born Aug 20, 1815 in Rockingham, Richmond Co., North Carolina

Baptized February 3, 1848 by Benjamin Clapp in Noxube Co., Mississippi

Ordained Bishop 1857/58 by Amasa Lyman and George A. Smith

Endowed 1845 Nauvoo

Came to Salt lake in 1847

Spent 1846 in Winter Quarters

Went on mission to Southern States in the fall of 1849

Returned in the Spring of 1856. Died June 8, 1902 in Washington, Washington, Utah

First Wife Elizabeth Ann Thomas, Daughter of John P and Sarah Thomas of Marlboro Co., South Carolina

Born April 21, 1820

Died December 17, 1847 in Big Cottonwood, Salt Lake, Utah

Sealed to Husband 1856

Nancy Roberts taking her place.


John Thomas Covington

Born August 7, 1840 Mississippi

Married Johanna Lundblad

Died June 1908, Wayne Co., Utah

Emily Jane Covington

Born Jan 1, 1840 in Mississippi

Married Winslow Farr

Died Mar 4, 1921

Sarah Elizabeth Covington

Born May 4, 1845 Mississippi

Died Nov 6 1846

Robert Laborious Covington

Born August 1, 1847 Scotch Bluffs, Iowa

Married Wilhemena or Mena Iverson Cooper

Second Wife Melinda Allison Kelly

Sealed to Husband in December 1856

Born February 1839 in Cheshire England

They had one child

Mary Ellen Covington

Born Dec 30, 1849 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Married ? Thompson

Third Wife Nancy Roberts

Sealed to Husband Dec 28, 1856


Phoebe April Covington

Born November 20, 1858

Married John E. Pace

Died November 13, 1829

Thomas Covington

Born Jan 15, 1860 Washington Co., Utah

Nancy Melinda Covington

Born Dec 24, 1861 Washington Co., Utah

Died in childhood

James Isaac Covington

Born February 14, 1864 Washington Co., Utah

Died May 17, 1864