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by Pratt Covington McSwain

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Albermarle, North Carolina


William Covington born in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland about 1732 married Mary Wall July 26, 1750. He served as Captain in the Virginia Colonial Militia under Gen. George Washington in 1753, with Essex County Troops. (Virginia Colonial Militia by Crozier, page 96., Virginia State Papers, Vol. 1 page 247 tells how many men served under him. State Records of North Carolina Vol 16 page 1027 shows William Covington’s enlistment with the 4th North Carolina Regiment as March 28, 1777, died April 13, 1778. He was granted 2500 acres of land east of the Pee Dee River for his services as Adjutant to the Commanding General, 4th Teg. 11th Company. Records of the book, Kinfolks, page 443, 444 and Wills, plus deeds prove that these children are the ones born to William Covington and his wife, Mary Wall:

(1A) John Covington born about 1752, married Elizabeth Thomas born 1759, daughter of Reverend Robert Thomas and Mary Sands Thomas. John Covington’s Will, Feb 28, 1797, South Carolina

(3) Henry Covington born about 1751, married Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith.

(4) Mary Covington, married Robert Hunter.

(5) General Benjamin Covington married Frances Moorman, daughter of Jack Moorman.

(6) Lt. James Covington died Nov 28, 1776.

(7) Elizabeth Covington married Thomas Everett born 1742 in Queen Anne’s Co., Maryland

(8) Rebecca Covington married Thomas Crawford, Sr. (Parents of Mastin and Thow, Jr.)

William Covington was the son of John Covington, Sr. who married Mary Arey at St. Luke’s Church, Church Hill, Maryland July 13, 1731. Note that any number of descendants have used the name, AREY and WALL as middle names for their children.

John Covington (2) brother of William Covington (1), son of John Covington, Sr. who married Mary Arey at St. Luke’s Church, Church Hill, Maryland July 13, 1731. According to the records of St. Luke’s church, John Covington married Hannah Dockery, Daughter of Thomas Dockery, Oct 8, 1758. Thomas Dockery was an elder in St. Paul’s Church, Centreville, Maryland in 1751. John Covington, Sr. made his Will in 1767 and it was witnessed by Thomas Dockery. The land called Providence was divided between John, Jr. and James, but other settlements were made to the other children, which leads one to believe that Benjamin, William and Henry were already removed elsewhere. in 1769 Thomas Dockery with his son-in-law, John Covington about 35 years old, and four children, Matthew, about 10, Hannah Covington, age about 7 1/2, Sarah Covington, age about 3 1/2, Mary Covington, age about 3 1/2 and others came to Anson County, having secured certificates of character from the church and Justice of Queen Anne’s Co. Children of John Covington, Jr., born about 1734 in Maryland made his Will 12 March 1803.

“State of North Carolina, Richmond County. In the name of God Amen. I John Covington of the County of Richmond in the State of North Carolina being of sound mind and memory, blessed by God for his mercies, do this twelfth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and three (1803), make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner following that is to say.

First, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Nancy Covington fifty acres of land adjoining the Bell field, and fresh field during her natural life, and at her death to be divided between my nine children, namely, John, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Ann, William, Rebecca, Henry, Thomas and James, as to my wife Nancy Covington should think best and entirely at her discretion. I also give to my wife, Nancy Covington one horse, bridle and saddle, three cows and calves, together with all my household and kitchen furniture and plantation tools of every description during her naturel life and at her death to be divided to her discretion as before mentioned between by nine children namely, John, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Ann, William, Rebecca, Henry, Thomas and James.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son Matthew Covington the tract of land whereon I now live that is to say all the land I own on the north side of the south fork.

Item, my will and desire is that my negro man Moses should be sold to the highest bidder and the money arising from the sale should be equally divided between by three daughters, namely, Hannah Covington, Molly Thomas and Sally McDowell.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son John Covington a tract of land adjoining the Bell field and the fresh field then up to the said branch to the head then with a direct course to the beginning line. Also one negro woman named Tamar. And my will and desire is that my son John Covington shall have Tamar’s three children namely, Lucy, Rachel and Isabell together with all other increase if any there should be, in order that the family of negroes should not be separated provided that he would pay to the different legates, that is to say, pay to the children of my last and present wife, Nancy, their proportionable share of whatever sum of money my Executors hereafter named should think Tamar’s children to be worth and in order to make the value of their difference equal and if my son John Covington should think proper not to do so, I wish my Executors to sell all the children Tamar now has or will have until my death to the highest bidder among the children of my last and present wife Nancy Covington, and not to sell them out of the family of children by my last wife, and my will and desire is that my Executors hereafter named should have full power to make such and all contracts as they my think proper in the management of all my affairs.

Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Cole one negro woman named Lucy to her and her heirs forever, also one cow and one calf.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son, Benjamin a tract of land lying on the north fork adjoining Ed Williams and also adjoining John Covington’s line described, also one negro boy named, Sam.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son William Covington one negro boy Jesse.

Item, I given and bequeath to my daughter Ann Thomas one negro boy named Charles and one feather bed and furniture, also one cow and calf.

Item, I leave to my daughter Rebecca Smith one negro girl named Betty during her naturel life and at her death to be equally divided with all her increase if any there should be between all the children of her body lawfully begotten, also one feather bed and furniture and one cow and calf.

Item, I give and bequeath to my three son, William, Henry and Thomas Covington, three hundred acres of land lying in Anson Co, to be equally divided between them.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son, Henry Covington one negro boy named Bob.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Covington one negro boy named George, also one horse, saddle and bridle.

And lastly, I hereby appoint, make and ordain my trusty friends, John Wall, Sr., John Wall, Jr., and John Snead, Executors of this my last will and testament to act with all their discretionary which to them in their judgement seems best.

Witnessed by:

Moses Chambers

Stephen Cole Signed: John Covington

Peter Cole

William Leak, Clerk, Jan. Session 1908

“300 acres of land: William, Henry, and Thomas Covington of Richmond County, North Carolina to James Gillespie and Maicha Pegues, executors of the Will of John Covington, Jr. deceased of the District of Malborough, South Carolina for consideration of $146.61, paid to each the three whereby the said John Covington, Jr. aforesaid was indebted in the sum of $2,000, by bond dated 21 Feb 1807, unto Dudley Williams of Anson Co, North Carolina land granted to William, and devised by John Covington, Sr., and whereas Dudley Williams in time of the minority of the said William, Henry, and Thomas Covington, JR., in order to comply with said bond of said John Covington, Jr. aforesaid. Land granted to Rob. Inman 12 Jan. 1771.”

(9) Matthew Covington, born Jan. 24, 1760, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland named for his uncle, Matthew Dockery, married Sally Covington (25A) daughter of Henry Covington (3) and Betsy Smith Covington.

(10) Hannah Covington married Samuel Covington (24), son of Henry Covington (3) and Betsy Smith Covington.

(11) Mary Covington born 1767, married Stephen Thomas, son of William Thomas, (Ram Billy), Stephen born 1765.

(12) Sarah Covington, twin born 1767, married Mr. McDowell–No Record.

John Covington married Nancy Love–says DAR records, but Capt. Everett said Nancy Wall–as his second wife. Nancy was born 1756, died 1826 (Page 104-The Old Free State by Bell, quote: “William Love July 25, 1749, 433 acres of land on both sides of the Meherria River.”

This river running from Virginia into eastern northern neck of North Carolina (Olds Wills, page 359, John and Nancy Covington were witnesses to Will of Levin Stanford, Beaufort Co 1772). The name, Levin, run in old Covington families of Maryland, so this could have been a kinsman.

Note: The name “Arey” and “Wall” runs through descendants of John Covington (2) and William Covington (1).

(9) Matthew Poythress Covington, born in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, Jan 24, 1760 married 1788, Sally Covington (25A) daughter of Henry (3) and Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith Covington. Henry (3) Covington was the son of William (1) and Mary Wall Covington who married July 26, 1750 (Kinfolk 443-444). Matthew Covington was a surveyor in the employ of the Colonial Government under the British rule while George III was King. According to records, he was surveyor in 1871 and had been for six years. His Revolutionary War papers No. S2444, give complete data concerning his war record and his capture and taken to Charleston by the British officers. The Colonial Records of North Carolina Quote: “In 1788 the General Assembly passed and act establishing an Academy in Richmond County. The trustees named were: Henry W. Harrington, Thomas Dockery, Thomas Crawford, Miles King, Matthew Covington, Edward Williams, Israel Sneed, John Howard, William Thomas, William Love, Dudley Mask and William Hunter, Sr. Those elected to the Constitutional Convention in 1788 were Benjamin Covington, John McAllister, Edward Williams, Charles Robertson.

Matthew Covington married second, Martha Yates, daughter of Patrick Yates of eastern North Carolina. They had a son, Daniel A. Covington born March 28, 1812, and Matthew Covington, son and wife moved in 1828 to Carroll Co., Tennessee where he died in 1839. This son, Daniel A. Covington had twelve children, one of whom was Capt. Will Dockery Covington, born March 30, 1843. He made an affidavit on Jan 16, 1934 at age of 91 years quote: “Matthew Covington was captured during the Revolutionary War and his father, John Covington was killed in the Indian Wars.” West Tennessee Pension Certificate No. 19188, Aug 1833. Children for Matthew Covington and Sally Covington (25A) daughter of Henry (3):

(9A) Harrison Hampton Covington, son of Matthew (9) and Sally (25A) Covington, born 1789, died March 3, 1872, married Rachel Thomas who died May 9, 1869, age 79, born 1790 ( ). Harrison Hampton Covington was a large land owner and settled on land much of which was inherited from his father, bordering on both sides of Hitchcock creek, two miles north of Rockingham, North Carolina and running east as far as Bear Branch cemetery and west to and beyond Northam cemetery. He lies buried on a high bluff overlooking the site of what is now the town of Roberdel. The children of Harrison Hampton and Rachel Thomas Covington were: (seven)

(9A-1) William Hampton Covington, born Aug 14, 1813, died 1900, married Carolina Smith in 1839. He settled on land two miles north of Rockingham, bordering on Hitchcock Creek, and reaching to the old Guilford Road, inherited from his father, a large land owner. Their children were: (six).

(A) James Hampton Covington, born Sept 25, 1844, died 1931 married 1878, Fannie Bell Parsons, born 1862, a daughter of Daniel and Lizzy Parsons. They had four children: Callie born 1879; William born 1881; died young; Fannie born 1885, died 1941; James born 1891, married Catherine Burns of Asheboro, North Carolina

(B) William Thomas Covington, named for his great-grandfather William Thomas the father of Rachel Thomas who married Harrison Hampton Covington, was born July 19, 1846, died 1931, married (1) Cora Stancil born 1851, died 1889, a daughter of Dr. Peter W. Stancil. They were the parents of:

(a) John Stancil Covington, born 1881, died 1934, married 1906 in Hernando, Mississippi; Tallulah Dockery born 1884, daughter of Capt. Alfred Dockery. They had three children: William Thomas Covington, born 1908, died July 17, 1936; Elizabeth, born 1911, died July 17, 1936. (the mother and two children killed in tragic auto-train wreck near Asheboro. J. Stancil, Jr., (Jack, born 1916, married Lulee Banks, and they have one son, Stancil, living in Memphis, Tennessee.

The W.T. Covington Cotton Company was one of Rockingham’s oldest business establishments, located on the square, adjacent to the Farmer’s Bank and Trust Company of which Leak s. Covington was president.

(C) Caroline Covington, born 1850, died 1934, married Henry Clay Jones in 1881, he born 1844, died 1907. They had the following children (three):

(1) Ina May Jones, born 1883, married Charles Manning Furman, Jr.

(2) Caroline Lee (Carrie) born 1885, married Dr. Norman Crowell Hunter in 1909, he born 1875, died 1933. Their children (eight):

(a) Thomas Bell Hunter, married Florence Ledbetter in 1947, and they had three sons, Tom Jr., Henry Ledbetter, and John Wall Hunter.

(b) Mary Hunter, born 1919, married J.E. McInnis of High Point.

(c) Henry James Hunter, born 1918.

(d) Caroline Hunter married Emerson Innis Brown.

(e) Sarah Elizabeth Hunter married H. Palmer Ruggles, Jr.

(f) Norman Crowell Hunter, Jr., married Mary L. Moncure.

(g) Virginian Hunter lives in Washington, DC

(h) William Covington Hunter married Anne M. Shaw in 1951

(3) Henry Clay Jones, Jr., youngest child of H.C. and Carolina Covington Jones was born July 25, 1889, died 1931, married Sarah Morrison and she lives in Greensboro.

(D) Mary Jane Covington, born 1841, died 1915 married William Jackson Thomas, son of James and Charlotte Roper Thomas, who lived near Ellerbe Springs, Richmond County. Their children: (nine)

(1) William Preston Thomas, born 1862, died 1914, unmarried.

(2) James Crawford Thomas, born 1864, died 1926 married (1) Rena Benton, (2) Lillie Lentz.

(3) Stephen Franklin Thomas, died 1891, married Vangie Jones.

(4) William Jackson Thomas, Jr., born 1870, died 1938, married Mabel L. Cuthbertson.

(5) Edward Crosland Thomas, born 1872, died 1938, married Annie Davis, daughter of Matthew Davis, early pioneer teacher.

(6) Walter Shelton Thomas, born 1875, died 1953, married Ladonia Downer in 1908. They had one daughter, Ladonia, born 1913, married Daniel B. Miller, Jr., of Baltimore. Walter S. Thomas was Clerk of Court of Richmond County for many years.

(7) Caroline Charlotte Thomas born 1878, died 1950, married William J. McDiarmid of Raeford, ND

(8) John Wesley Thomas born 1880, died 1948, married Lizzie Lassiter.

(9) Mary Thomas born 1883, for many years a school teacher, living in 1964.

(E) Rebecca Smith Covington, born 1853, died 1934, unmarried.

(F) Walter Matthew Covington, sixth child of William Hampton and Carolina Smith Covington, born 1855, died 1934, married 1890, Hallie Steele. They had three children:

(1) Hallie born 1893, married Edgar W. Jones.

(2) Walter S. Steele, born 1896, died 1963, married 1923, Agnes Williams of Reidsville.

(3) Carolina Crawford Covington, born 1901, married Scott McDonald Thomas in 1938. They have one son, Scott, Jr., born in 1943.

(9A-2) Walter K. Covington, son of Harrison Hampton and Rachel Thomas Covington, was born Nov 24, 1824, died Oct 23, 1890. His wife, Esther Everette, born Aug 28, 1828, died Oct 18, 1902, and was the daughter of John Everett and Sarah Curtis Everett, born 1782, a granddaughter of Thomas Everette born 17542 and his wife, Elizabeth Covington (7), daughter of William Covington (1) and Mary Wall Covington. Thomas and Elizabeth Covington Everette were the progenitors of the Everette family in Richmond County, North Carolina. When Walter K. Covington purchased the Bethune Bostick McKenzie plantation on the Guilford Road. After the Civil War, it made his owner of land from Hitchcock creek at Rockingham to Cartledge creek, a distance of seven miles of land. Children of Walter K and Esther Everett Covington were:(four)

(A) John Euclid Covington born Dec 8, 1849, died May 9, 1930, married 1867 Amanda McKenzie, daughter of Bethune Bostick McKenzie, born Sept. 12, 1848, died March 18, 1929. Their children: (six)

(1) Walter Bethune Covington, born Oct 1, 1869, married April 23rd, 1893, Ida Pratt Emerson, a descendant of Thomas Emerson 1584-1666, who settled at Ipswich, MA in 1935 and Reverend Peter Bulkeley 1583-1659, first minister of Concord, MA. Their children (ten): Alma, married R. B. Hutchinson; Ethel, married G.W. Giles, Marion North Carolina; Chloe, married Cecil Renfrow; Eleanor Pratt, married Charles H. McSwain, attorney of Albermarle, North Carolina; Catherine married Marvin A. Biles, living at Maxton, North Carolina; George, married Virginia Hicks; Robert, married Mae Ingram Ballard; Walter K Covington, attorney of Charlotte, married Sarah Page Munroe, daughter of Dr. Stokes Munroe, Charlotte, North Carolina; Josephine, married Lansing C. Peacock, Ahoskie, North Carolina; Alice, married Kenneth Eichelbegger, stationed in France.

(2) Genie Covington, born 1879, only daughter of John Euclid and Amanda McKenzie Covington, married John William Nicholson, as his second wife. She attended school under Prof. Creddlebow. Cameron Morrison, late Governor of North Carolina grew up as a neighbor and boarded in her father’s home while teaching school in the neighborhood, prior to becoming a lawyer.. his grandfather lies buried near this place. When plans were being made to establish the Steele Mills on Hitchcock Creek, Mr. Steele purchased from John Euclid Covington all the necessary lumber for building all the houses at the mill, and land on which to build them. Children of John William Nicholson, and Genie Covington Nicholson (four): Carey Nicholson, married Thelma Brady; Elizabeth Nicholson; Jean Nicholson, who graduated from high school with all A’s although totally blind. (By John W. Nicholson’s first marriage, he had one children, William Nicholson who married Edith Alexander.)

(3) James McKenzie Covington, third child of John Euclid and Amanda McKenzie Covington, born 1883, died 1946, married LaDonia Parker. They had eight children.

(4) Thomas Keener Covington, born 1883, died 1904, a handsome and brilliant young man.

(5) Charles Covington, fifth child of John Euclid Covington and Amanda McKenzie Covington, married Roberta Gibson. They had three children: Amanda, valedictorian of her class; Mary Hunter Covington; Glenn Euclid Covington.

(6) Euclid Aaron Covington born 1889, died 1945, married Mary McDuffie, and they had four children.

(B) Rachel Thomas Covington, born 1861, died 1924, second child of Walter K and Esther Everett Covington, married Neill A. Graham, born 1854, died 1929. Neill A. Graham was Richmond County Surveyor for many years, and his father, William Watson Graham was County Surveyor and sheriff. Born in 1921, died 1899, William Watson Graham, married Jane Southerland Jenkins. The children of Neill and Rachel Covington Graham were (three):

(1) Esther Jane (Essie) married Thomas W. Miller of Hamlet.

(2) Sallie Mae Graham, a registered nurse, lives at Hamlet.

(3) William Walter Graham, born 1896, married 1921, Lydia Tucker of Pitt County. William Walter Graham, like his father and grandfather as county surveyor for many years, and a engineer since 1922. They have two children: Edith Mae, born 1023 and William Neill Graham, born 1932, a graduate of Davidson College.

(C) Sally L. Covington, born 1850, died 1896, married William S. Watson. Their children were: Walter, Erie, and Ebb. After Sally died, her husband and children moved to Winfield, Texas.

(D) Hattie Covington was born 1864, died 1892, married Duncan McKay of Red Springs, North Carolina in 1889. Duncan born 1854, died 1923. They lived near Flora MacDonald College in Robeson County. Their children (two): Esther Covington McKay, born 1892, died 1892; William Davis McKay born 1891, died 1950. He married 1919, Laura Jones, born 1895, and they had two children: Emily Covington McKay, born 1921, married 1947; James W. Henderson: Duncan McKay born 1924, unmarried.

(9A-3) Hampton Covington son of Harrison Hampton and Rachel Thomas Covington, married Patsy Terry, who after his death in 1879, married his brother James, Their children were: (four);

(A) Julia married Jim Yates

(B) Rachel married Mr. Terry

(C) Benjamin married Miss Blackwelder

(D) John Covington, born 1844, married Jane McKay. Their children were:

(1) Cornelia Covington born 1870, died 1918, married Allen Baxley. Their children were Mabel and Edward Baxley.

(2) William Hampton Covington, second child of John and Jane McKay Covington, married 1894, Florence Currie, born 1876, daughter of Malcolm Currie born 1840, and Sarah Thomas Currie. They had one son, Ralph Covington, who married Mable Dunlap of Ansonville, North Carolina.

(3) Martha Covington, married Jim McDonald.

(4) Arch Covington, married Laura Hammett

(5) James Hampton Covington, married Zeela Crouch.

(9a-4) John Covington, born 1819, son of Harrison Hampton and Rachel Thomas Covington, married Jane Gibson, daughter of Luke Gibson. They had four children:

(A) Henry Covington born 1842, died 1918, married 1860, Teresa Dawkins, and they had give children: Mary Jane born 1861, married Mr. Kelley. Their son, George Hal Kelley, born 1883, married 1902, Effie Harrington; Rachel T. Covington, born 1863, married James Covington son of William Riley Covington, 1808, died 1892, and his wife, Thanie Covington, born 1810, died 1858, age 48. Buried at Hal Kelley cemetery; Fannie Covington, born 1865, married W.T. Eddins; John Covington born May 1, 1877, never married; Walter T. Covington, son of Henry and Teresa Covington, born 1873, died 1885.

(B) Thomas Covington born 1844

(C) Sarah Ann born 1845

(D) Samuel Gibson Covington born 1846

(9A-5) James Covington (Whispering Jimmy) son of Harrison Hampton and Rachel Thomas Covington married Patsy Terry, widow of his brother Hampton, after his death in 1879. Their children were:

(A) Mamie married George Longwell

(B) Sally Covington born 1861, died 1905, married Louis McNeill

(C) Simon Covington lived in Georgia

(D) Hampton Covington 3rd. lived in Georgia

(9A-5) James Covington married 92) Mattie Bennett (or Spauls). Their children:

(A) Susie Covington married Billy Gibson (Singing Billy)

(B) Della Covington married Henry Thomas, and lived near Mt. Gilead. Their daughter Maude Thomas married Arthur T. Hutchinson.

(C) Hattie did not marry

(D) Tom Covington moved to Texas.

(9A-6) Thomas was born 1832, died 1898, married Rebecca Ann Smith who died in 1915. He lived at his father’s and grandfather’s old home place overlooking miles of land that was to become the village of Roberdel. Here in 1832, slaves lived in many houses on the old Covington Plantation, many of them had come down as gifts through Wills. (See Will of John Covington 1803.) The children of Thomas Preston and Rebecca Ann Covington were: (nine) (one died young)

(A) Henry Hampton Covington, married Lizzie Steele of Rock Hill, South Carolina, died 1915. He married (2) Millie Covington, his cousin, and had eight children.

(B) John S. Covington, died in 1927, unmarried, and is buried near his grandfather, Harrison Hampton Covington in the old Covington cemetery on the plantation two miles north of Rockingham.

(C) James Alexander Covington, born 1863, married 1896, Ila Fenton of Wadesboro. Their children were:

(1) Marie Covington, married Horace Stedman

(2) Thresa (Tessie) married Dr. Allison Ormand

(3) Rebecca Married J. Thomas Smoot of Ft. Myers, FL.

(4) Bess Thomas Covington (Tommy), married Samuel W. Johnston.

(5) J. Edwin (Ned), married Jamie McNeeley.

(D) Thomas Lee Covington, born 1864, died 1934. He was Clerk of Court of Richmond County from 1906 to 1914, and was known as (Tommy Runt). He married in 1909, Sue Thomas, born 1882. Their children:

(1) Mary Thomas Covington born 1913, Auditor of Richmond County 1943-1953.

(2) Susanne Covington born 1915, married John McLean

(3) Margaret Covington born 1919, now Lt. Com. Nurses’ Corp., U.S. Navy

(E) Ella Rachel Covington born 1867, died 1918, married John E. Haywood, who died in 1917. Their children were:

(1) J.E. Haywood, Jr. lives in Florida.

(2) Elizabeth Covington, married W. Coney Steele in 1920.

(3) Jack F. Haywood, married 1940, Nancy Wanamaker of Cheraw.

(4) Rebecca Haywood, born 1902, married James Croom Fowlkes

(5) Grace Haywood, born 1904, married John Thomas Hamer, and their son, John T. Hamer Jr., married John F. Haywood, daughter of Joe and Jane Funderburk Haywood who live on old Guilford Road.

(6) William T. Haywood married Josephine Moore of Bennettsville, S.C. died 1936

(F) Ed N. Covington born 1869, married Esther Tarkington

(G) Minnie Covington, married Mr. Hubbard of Clio, South Carolina

(H) Margaret Covington, youngest child of Thomas Preston Covington, born 1877, never married.

(9A-7) Sallie Covington born 1828, youngest child and only daughter of Harrison Hampton and Rachel Thomas Covington, married William Wall Ellerbe, born 1824, son of Elizabeth Wall and Michael Ellerbe, progenitors of the Ellerbe family in Richmond County.

(10) Hannah Covington, daughter of John (2) and Hannah Dockery Covington, born about 1765 in Queen Anne’s Co., Maryland married Samuel Covington (2) son of Henry Covington (3) and his wife, Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith Covington. Henry Covington (3) was the son of William Covington (1) who married Mary Wall, July 26, 1750 ( ). Samuel Covington (24) was a brother of Sally who married Matthew Covington (9) and Mary Covington (25) who married William Covington (14). This family lived in South Carolina. Children of Hannah and Samuel Covington were:

(62) Henry Covington, born 1787, married (1) Elizabeth Williamson. Their children were:

(123) William, married Nancy Covington (18G), daughter of Thomas B. Covington. They moved to Mississippi.

(124) Hannah Covington born 1810, married Thomas Covington (113j)

(125) Sally Covington married Marshall A. Smith. (Mrs. W. A. Biggs descended from them.

(126) Eliza Covington married (1) Nathaniel Covington. She was born about 1830. Nathaniel Covington was son of William Riley (112j) Covington born 1808, died 1892. Children of Eliza and Nathaniel Covington were:

(a) William Harrison Covington (Walking Billy), married 1898 Anna Thrower born 1878 died Jan 1, 1853.

(b) Pressley Covington married Bessie Sinclair

(126) Eliza Covington married (2) Mr. Allman (3) William Bolton

(127) Mary Covington married James Covington (18c) born 1816, son of Thomas B. Covington (18). They moved west.

(128) Andrew J. Covington, married Elizabeth Lovin. He served in Civil War, 52 Reg. Company B Civil War.

(62) Henry Covington, born 1787, married (2) Nannie Bennett. Their children:

(129) Celia Covington, married George W. Nartham, moved soon to Adamsville, South Carolina

(130) John Bennett Covington born 1930-1909, married Mary Northam, born 1834. He served in 52 Reg. Company E. Civil War. (Mrs. Robert (Berta Hicks) Stancil is a grandchild)

(131) Abijah Covington married Martha Newton, born 1845. He served in Civil War with S.C. troops. Their daughter Hattie married Wright.

(132) James Covington married Lucy Newton, daughter of Daniel and Mary Covington Newton. Tom M. Hamer of Bennettsville, South Carolina is a descendant.

(133) Martin Van Buren Covington killed at Gaimes Mill.

(134) Susan Covington married Ira P. Newton, moved to South Carolina.

(135) Samuel Potter Covington born 1843, married Katherine Newton, born 1845-1910. He served in 38th Reg. Company E. Civil War. Children were:

(a) Nancy Covington married J.M. Haywood, and lived on old Guilford Road, six miles north of Rockingham, North Carolina.

(b) Rachel married J.D. Hasty

(c) Margaret married J.H. Hasty

(d) Abijah married Harris

(e) Mary Frances not married

(f) Susan married Zim B. Covington of the Thomas (113j line)

(g) Charlotte Covington did not marry

(h) Esther Covington did not marry

(65) John Dockery Covington married Susan McEachern who died in George or South Carolina. Their children, 1860 CENSUS, Gibson Store Post Office:

(a) Amos Covington born 1844

(b) Henry Covington born 1846, married Della

(c) Henrietta Covington born 1851

(e) Newton Jasper Covington born 1853

(f) Hannah born 1857

(g) Susan Ellen born 1859

(h) John Furman married Mamie Patric

John Dockery Covington in 1860 was 61 (born 1799); Susan, his wife, was 46.

(66) Mary (Polly) Covington married King Freeman.

(11) Sarah Covington, daughter of John (2) and Hannah Dockery Covington was born in Maryland about 1768, married a Mr. McDowell. See Will of John Covington (2) written in 1803. No further record.

(12) Mary Covington, daughter of John (2) and Hannah Dockery Covington, twin sister of Sarah, was born in Maryland, married Stephen Thomas, born 1765, son of William Thomas (Ram Billy). Their children given in THOMAS family line.

(2) John Covington in 1772/3 married second Nancy Love. (DAR records, born 1756, died 1826.) The Old Free State, by Bell page 104, quote: “William Love July 25, 1749, 433 acres of land on both sides of Meherrin River..” This river in Virginia and north eastern North Carolina. (Old Wills: page 359, “John and Nancy Covington were witnesses to Will of Levin Stanford, Beaufort Co., 1772.) The name, Levin runs in Covington families in old Marland, so this could have been a kinsman. Continuing with children of John Covington (2) second set by wife, Nancy Love or Wall:

(13) Benjamin C. Covington (Uncle Ben) born 1776, married Nancy Coalter, and (2) Hannah Everett, daughter of Lawrence Everett, Sr. a brother of Thomas Everett, who was born 1742. The wife of Lawrence

Everett, Sr. was Mary Thomas, born 1738, a sister of Ram Billy Thomas born 1741. Benjamin C. Covington made his Will in June 1850, proved 1856 in book (Bound Wills) pages 70-81. Their children:

(41) Jesse B. Covington married Miss Robeson, moved west.

(42) David Anderson Covington married Susannah Gathings of Union County in 1840. David A. Covington, born Oct 18, 1809, represented Union County in the State Senate and House, also served as Clerk of Court of Union County. Their children:

(A) Nancy Covington born 1841.

(B) Mary A. Covington born 1845, married Thomas Winchester Bickett. Their son Walter Thomas Bickett was Governor of North Carolina. Their daughter Annie Bickett, married Frank Ashcraft.

(C) Martha Covington, born 1847, a twin, married Mr. Lockhart of Anson Co.

(D) Susan Covington, born 1847, a twin, married Hugh Houston of Union Co.

(E) David A. Covington, Jr., born in Monroe in 1853, died 1898, was an outstanding lawyer, leading citizen and legislator, married 1877, Mary Simmons. They were the parents of:

(a) Kate Covington married J.B. Craven of Old Trinity

(b) David Covington, 3rd, died in 1909, age 24, then professor of Greek at the University of Chicago.

(c) Mary Covington received her law degree from George Washington University and for 17 years as in charge of the law library at Duke University.

(d) Evabelle Covington, Professor of Sociology in Salem College.

(e) Lillian Covington born 1892, married 1914, Andrew McDowd Secrest, druggist and automobile dealer of Monroe.

(F) Celestia Covington born 1852, married R. B. Houston, Union Co.

(43) John Coalter Covington born 1808, married Margaret Thomas of Marlboro Co. South Carolina They lived and died at their old home on Cartledge creek (at Dockery church,), Richmond County, North Carolina on land inherited from the Grandfather John (2) Covington. Their children:

(79) Nancy Covington married E. Pipkin of South Carolina

(80) Fannie unmarried died at Reverend David Covington’s in Mississippi.

(81) Bettie Covington married Benjamin F. Dockery, lived near Dockery church and Gen. Alfred Dockery’s brick house. Their children:

(a) Lizzie Dockery (Elizabeth), living in old ancestral home 1964.

(b) John Dockery married Helen Porter, lived at famous “Old Brick” on plantation of his grandfather, Gen. Alfred Dockery, which was built by slaves in 1830.

(c) Anne married Rufus Hudson.

(d) Frank Dockery married Miss Hooks.

(e) Percy Dockery

(82) Catherine Covington married John Ussery, son of W.D. Ussery born 1811, and Sarah Everett born 1814, Daughter of John Everett born 1782. Their children were: B.C. Ussery, Lucy, Mary Ussery. The grandfather, W.D. Ussery attended college at Wake Forest Institute in 1834.

(83) Sally Covington daughter of Benjamin C. Covington, married Pressley Mason.

(84) Ben Colter Covington, unmarried in Mississippi. sent $400.00 to have the old Covington cemetery enclosed in stone.

(85) Reverend David Covington lived and died in Meridian, Mississippi.

(44) Ann Covington, only daughter of Benjamin C. Covington (13), married William Powell and moved to Texas before 1861. Their children: David, William, Walter and Ambrose Powell.

(45) Benjamin Covington, died young.

(14) William Covington (Uncle Billy) born 1777, died 1858, married April 1, 1799, Mary Smith Covington, (25), daughter of Henry Covington (3) and Betsy Smith Covington, Mary born Jan 9, 1778, died 1839, both buried in Zion church cemetery. William Covington’s second wife was Mrs. Sally Leak Terry, but they had no children. Henry Covington (3) father of Mary Covington (25) was the son of William (1) and Mary Wall Covington who were married July 26, 1750. (In William Covington’s (14) Will he mentions his two step-children, Elizabeth born about 1798, who married John Thomas, born about 1793. She perhaps married a Covington and he died or was killed in the Indian wars. A son of Matthew Covington made and affidavit saying that John covington who made his Will in 1803, father of William (14) and others was “Killed by fighting the Indians.” William Covington (14) gave the land on which the present Zion Church stand, the deed dated 1829. Children of William Covington (14) and Mary Smith Covington:

(A) Elizabeth Covington, step children of William (14) born about 1798, married John Thomas born 1793, son of William Thomas (Silver Heel) and Sarah Ewing. Their children: James Thomas married a daughter of Thomas Bolton; Mary Thomas born about 1819, married Angus McInnis, probably moved west; Calvin Thomas married Miss Hasty; Sallie Thomas married John McKay; Martha Thomas married Thomas Garrett.

(B) Mial Covington born Sept 18, 1799

(46) William L. Covington, born 1802, died 1864, married (1) Frances Dockery Thomas, daughter of Eli and Esther Dockery Thomas b. 1804, married (2) Celia S. Thomas of Marlboro, South Carolina, born 1808, died 1879, daughter of Nathan and Nancy Bingham Thomas. Their children were:

(87) Edwin P. Covington born 1829, died 1907, married Louise Anna Coleman, born in Butler Co., AL 1834, died 1886. (Coleman Mill on Pee Dee River established by her ancestors.) Their children were:

(1) Charles Coleman Covington born in Rockingham 1857, died in Wilmington 1923, married 1884, Emmie C. Cromartie of Bladen County. No children. He was organizer of the Covington Molasses Company of Wilmington and was known as the “Molasses Millionaire.”

(2) Celia Adele Covington born 1861, died 1924, married Herbert Dalton Thompson, born 1860, died 1915. She was known in historical circles as a fine researcher and was the first to work with Capt. Everett in the Covington family history. Two of her sons are members of the Society of Cincinnati, one joining through Capt. William Covington who served as an officer with the Virginia Militia under George Washington. Their children were:

(a) Nora L. Thompson born 1886, married Robert Peel Dicks in 1918, he was born 1884. Their children: (a) Nora (Bunny) Dicks, married James H. Clark Jr. of Elizabethtown.

(b) Cecilia Covington Dicks living in Rocky Mount,

(c) Elizabeth S. Dicks, married to J. Lawrence Hutton, Jr. of Rawleigh. Other children by first wife of R.P. Dicks are: Lydia Lee, married R.B. Mullowney of Bronxville; Jane Dicks of the University of North Carolina staff; Nancy Dicks, married to George Blanton, Jr. of Shelby, North Carolina

(3) Frank Leaks Covington born 1868, died in Wilmington in 1898, married Maybelle Sabrell. No children.

(4) Louise Keith Covington born 1878, married 1908 Isaac Wright Murphy, Realtor of Greensboro.

(88) Presley Covington born 1831 and died 1859 at Old Trinity College

(89) Mary Covington married James Bostick and they lived at Columbia, Tennessee

(90) Nancy Covington married Michael Crawford Ellerbe. Their daughter Betty married Nastia Crawford Covington(116) and they are the grandparents of Mike, Lee, Patty, Mary and Nancy Covington.

(91) John Wesley Covington born 1840, died 1907, married Mary L. Steele, daughter of R.L. and Hannah Pickett Steele, born 1843, died 1907. They had nine children: (three children died as infants)

(1) Hannah Pickett Covington born 1871, died 1946, married 1894, George P. Entwistle, son of William Entwistle born in England in 1945, died 1932 at Rockingham. Their children (four):

(a) William Harry Entwistle, born 1895, married 1923, Nancy M. Stacy. They have one son, William H. Jr., born 1924 who married 1947, Bertha Hicks Garrett, daughter of Dr. Reid Garrett and granddaughter of Dr. F.J. Garrett.

(b) Mary Entwistle married Dr. Raymond Thompson of Charlotte.

(c) George P. Entwistle, Jr., married (1) Berta West, (2) Mrs. Evern Morgan Hartgrove, in 1951.

(d) John Walter Covington Entwistle born 1912, married Frances Everett, daughter of John L. Everett in 1936.

(2) Leake Steele Covington born 1873, died unmarried. He was organizer and President of the Farmers Bank and Trust Company.

(3) Mary Steel Covington born 1875, died 9144, unmarried

(4) Faith Leake Covington born 1879, died in 1949, unmarried.

(5) Elna Glenwood Covington born 1881, died 1953, unmarried.

(6) John Walter covington born 1883, married 1916, Emma McCullen. Their children:

(a) John W. Covington Jr., born 1917, married Alise E. Avera. He is Executive Head of the Farmers Bank and Trust Company.

(b) Dr. Alpheus McC. Covington married Virginia B. Carter.

(92) Thomas B. Covington born 1945, died 1926, married Mrs. Frank Alden. No children. By her first marriage she had: Ammie Alden, Gertrude Alden.

(93) William Little Covington, Jr., married his cousin, Della Thomas Covington, born 1954, died 1928. William was known as “Bill Buck”, born 1849, died 1919. Their children:

(1) Edwin Presly born 1878, married Maggie Baldwin. He served in Rockingham Post office for many years.

(2) Martha Whitie Covington

(3) Alice Viola Covington married Joe Stephenson of Stephenson Belk Company as his second wife.

(4) Alexander Arey Covington married Lillian Snell. No children.

(5) William Little Covington, 3rd, married Effie Baldwin. Their son LT. Billy Covington, a handsome lad, a pilot in WW II was killed over Germany. He married (2) Murtle Barber. Joan is a daughter.

(47) Wiley J. Covington born 1908, son of William (14) and Mary Smith Covington (25) daughter of Henry (3) and Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith Covington married Sarah Wall, born Oct 29, 1907, daughter of John and Martha Cole Wall. Sarah died in Texas Jan 22, 1896. Wiley died March 4, 1956 in Texas. They had eight children:

(1) Mary J. Covington born 1831, died 1896, married George I. McKenzie in 1850, went to Texas.

(2) Martha Wall Covington born 1833, died 1872, married W. Scott Burton. No children.

(3) William P. Covington born 1835, died 1876, moved to Texas and Arkansas, married Manley.

(4) John Wesley Covington born 1837, served in C.S.A. killed in Mississippi in 1862. Not married.

(5) Robert H. Covington, born 1839, died 1905, served in C.S.A. Not married.

(6) Susan Ann Covington born 1841, married Capt. Nathan McNeil. Had two children: (a) Addison, died young, (b) Eva McNeil born 1877, married 1905, Col. J.S. Ayers, living in Jackson Co. GA 1937.

(7) Caroline Covington born 1844, married 1867 John H. Goodwin of AL (8 children)

(8) Henry Wall Covington, born May 18, 1847, died April 4, 1931, married 1878, Virginia Belle Lewis, who died in 1930. They had three children.

(a) Charles Wall Covington, born June 24, 1881, married Jan 1, 1907, Macie Quanby? of McKenzie, Tennessee, Carroll Co. He (1963) a retired druggist, McKenzie, Tennessee. They had a daughter, Virginia Lee Covington born 1909, an artist in New York, married Edward Meredith Hawkins, an artist. Another child, Charlene Covington, born and died Feb. 11, 1919.

(b) Robert Gates Covington, born 1896, died 1904.

(c) Mildred Lewis Covington born 1893, died 1933.

(48) Ann Poythress (Nancy) Covington born Sept 15, 1804, died Dec 3, 1865, married Robert Dockery Thomas. Their children under Thomas Line.

(49) Henry A. Covington born 1906, married (1) Miss Ingram, (2) Lucy Ann Poole. Their children:

(97) Thomas Covington married Cora Hughes

(98) Lou married Wilburn

(99) Eliza Covington

(50) Mary Ann Covington born 1814, married Mial Wall, son of John Wall born 1746.

(51) Martha Wall Covington born May 4, 1819, married James J. Gathings. He and his wife moved to Monroe, Mississippi about 1848, then to Hill County Texas in 1850. They were married at Uncle Billy (14) Covington’s home, which still stands one mile north of Rockingham near Zion Church, which Uncle Billy built in 1825, and where his great granddaughter, Carrie Covington Nichols lived. Covington, Texas was named for this family, as the town records will show.

(52) John Poythress Covington born 1809, married Eliza Powell, died 1857, buried at Zion Church. They had three children:

(100) Bascom Covington married Lula Steele, Daughter of Congressman Walter Leak and Ann Harriett Crawford Steel.

(101) Jennie Covington married Alexander Stewart, Sr.

(102) John P. Covington, Jr., died when a lad.

(53) Reverend James A. Covington, son of William (14) married Caroline Powell, born 1827, died 1888. He was born 1818, died 1877. Their children: (ten)

(103) Robert Covington (twin) married and died in Oklahoma. Ellen (twin) never married.

(104) Permila Ann Covington died 1903, married W.L. E. Wilburn, their children:

(a) Minnie Covington married T.L. McRae, Sr. Their children: T.L. McRae, Jr.

(b) Lelia Covington married Dr. W.M. Fowlkes, died 1899. She died 1945. Their son, Dr. W.M. Fowlkes ran a drug store in Rockingham for many years. After Dr. Fowles’ death, Lelia married in 1905, John D. Cameron.

(105) Lou Covington married William Knight and they moved to OK

(106) James Augustus Covington, Jr., (Bell Jim), born 1850, died 1913, married Louisa Ellerbe, born 1850, died 1907, a daughter of William Wall Ellerbe and Sally Covington (9A-7) Ellerbe. After the death of Louisa, James Augustus married Miss Ida Wall, but they had no children. She is buried in Forrestville cemetery near Lilesville. Children of James A. and Louisa Ellerbe Covington were:

(1) Carrie Covington married A.C. (Sandy) Nichols. Children:

(a) Lucy married Emmitt Smith son of Sam B. Smith and Maggie Moffitt, daughter of Dr. S.J. Moffitt and Mary Ann McKenzie, daughter of Benthune Bostick McKenzie, born 1835. Bethune Bostick McKenzie was born 1807.

(b) Mary Covington married James LeGrand Covington.

(c) Betsy Wall Nichols married Jeff Baldwin.

(d) Sam Nichols married Alice Allred.

(e) Everett Nichols married Margaret Webb.

(f) Steadman Nichols not married.

(2) Bessie Covington married Wayne Diggs, an outstanding plantation owner of the Wolf Pitt section.

(3) James Augustus Covington, Jr., (Gus) who died 1951, married Mae Ingram, daughter of Addison and Ella Poole Ingram. Their children:

(a) Louisa Covington married Leslie Hoyle.

(b) A son who died young.

(4) William Ellerbe Covington, born 1887, married 1911 Cooper Smith of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Their children:

(a) Colonel W.E. Covington, Jr.

(b) Howard Wall Covington who lives in Greensboro.

(5) Thomas (Tom) Covington, married Ida Ingram, sister of Mae Ingram. Tom born 1889, died 1950. Their children:

(a) Thomas Crawford Covington, Jr., married Elmina Beadenbaugh

(b) Margaret Ingram Covington married Tom P. Stewart.

(c) Ella Cornelia Covington married L.W. Jackson.

(d) Addison LeGrand Covington (Happy) married Phoebe Lupton.

(107) William P. Covington (Sugar Lip), married Caroline Strickland who was born 1857, died 1894. He married 92) Josie Godfrey. Children by Carolina Strickland:

(a) James A. Covington, dead.

(b) Jessie Baron Covington born 1881, married Beulah Covington born 1884, daughter of Alexander A11 (115) Covington. Their children: Jesse Thomas, Catherine Covington, Nancy Beam, Jr., Dorothy (Mrs. Pickette Ellerbe), Helen Covington .

(c) Emma Covington married Archie Fitch

(d) Fannie Covington married Mr. Springs.

(e) Maude Covington married Alonzo McLeod, (2) Attorney George Goodwin of Laurinburg. (f) Anna, dead, m Renshaw

(f) Cecie Vann Covington, oldest children of William P. and Caroline Covington born 1878, died 1948, married 1899 John Calhoun Ellerbe, born 1870, died 1950, son of William Wall and Sally Covington (9A-7) Ellerbe. Their children:

(a) John Stancil (Jack) Ellerbe married Louise Fayssoux, live in Charlotte.

(b) William Thomas (Joe) Ellerbe not married.

(c) Carolina married Edwin Whitted 1931

(d) Betty Vann Ellerbe married Sgt. Lloyd Rush, Jr.

(e) Louise Ellerbe married Nat S. Richardson.

(f) Stephen Wall Ellerbe, not married

(g) James Calhoun Ellerbe married Louise Tart.

(h) Harold Hunter Ellerbe, not married.

(i) Robert Glenn Ellerbe, not married.

(g) Ruby Covington, married Jeff Simpson of Charlotte. Ruby is child of second marriage of Wm. P. Covington.

(108) Vann Buren Covington, born 1864, died 1914, married Ellen Monroe, born 1867, died 1951. Seven children:

(a) Jefferson Davis Covington born 1890, unmarried.

(b) Benjamin F. Covington born 1891, married Mae Lattimore.

(c) Vann B. Covington, Jr., of Raleigh, born 1894.

(d) Henry Clay Covington born 1896, married Fannie Mcduffie.

(e) Richmond Hobson Covington born 1898, married Grace Dunlap, and they live in Charlotte.

(f) Thomas Leak Covington born 1900, married Louise Greene. T.L. was Clerk of Court from 1942.

(g) Robert Monroe Covington born 1902, married Mattie Potter and lives in Tennessee.

(109) Ambrose Covington married Fredonai Lassiter

(110) Colton Covington married Betty Ellerbe, daughter . of William Wall and Sally Covington (9A-7) Ellerbe.

(111) Caroline Covington married Louis Weil, lived in Greensboro.

(112) Eliza Covington married Theodore Weil, a bro of Louis.

(113) Frank, Harvey and Matt Covington moved to Texas, never married.

(54) Alexander A. Covington, son of William (14) and Mary Covington (25) married Martha Moody. Their children:

(114) William P. Covington married Ellen Cox, their children:

(a) Clara Covington married Gary H. Smith of Mullins, South Carolina

(b) William P. Covington married (2) Mrs. Mollie Stewart Garret, sister of Alexander Stewart, Sr. Their children:

(a) Henry S. Covington married Jane Gibson.

(b) Willie Covington married John Cox.

(115) Alexander A. Covington, Jr. born 1855, married Nancy Hicks born 1858, died 1931, daughter of Hiram and Elizabeth Covington (18-4) Hicks. Their children:

(a) Peter S. Covington married Miss Stubbs.

(b) Helen Covington married O.V. Branson.

(c) Beulah Covington married Jesse Baron Covington (107b)

(d) Moody Covington and Bob Covington never married

(e) Fannie Covington married Paul Flury, Secretary to the President of the B. and O. Railway, live in Ludlow, Kentucky.

(f) Belle Covington married Frank Hutchinson, and they have two daughters, Frank served in WWI.

(116) Mastin Crawford Covington born 1857, married Bettie C. Ellerbe, daughter of Michael Crawford and Nancy Covington Ellerbe, born 1859, died 1914. Their children:

(1) Jim Legran Covington married Mary Nichols

(2) Betty Covington married Arthur L. Morgan

(3) Willie Covington married Mr. Lovelace, died 1918.

(4) Alexander Covington married Sallie Copeland

(5) Nancy Covington married George Stephens.

(6) Mary Covington married Bogan C. Ellerbe.

(7) Grace Covington married Zeb Gibson.

(117) Mary H. Covington born 1848, died 1925, married R.L. Nichols born 1943, died 1920. Their children:

(a) Martha Covington married William P. Stancil. Their children:

(1&2)Robert and Martha Stancil, twins.

(3) John Stancil

(4) Mary Stancil married Harvey Terry

(b) John Nichols married Pearl Gibson

(c) Sandy Nichols married Carrie Covington (106a)

(d) Robert L. Nichols, Jr. married Mary Liles

(e) Dr. Risden Nichols married Maie Ellerbe

(f) James C. Nichols married Blanche Wall

(g) W. Cole Nichols married Maynie Credle

(h) Daisy died 1949, not married.

(118) Helen Covington was the second wife of M.C. Ellerbe, whose first wife was Nancy Covington. Helen and Michael had no children.

(119) Della Thomas Covington married William Little Covington (93), son of William Little Covington (46) and his wife, Cecila Thomas, daughter of Nathan Thomas. Their children: under (93)

(120) Henry Covington, not married.

(121) James P. Covington, not married.

(122) Thomas W. Covington, born 1852, died 1909, married Mary Ellerbe, daughter . of Stephen W. and Sallie McAlister Ellerbe.

(56) Charlotte Covington, born 1816, seventh children of William (14) and Mary Smith Covington (25), married at her father’s home near Zion Church, Reverend Robert Raiford, born 1811. (In 1811, March 4, Matthew Raiford with his son, John Raiford and ten slaves from montgomery County, secured a passport to travel through the Creek Nation of Indians) About 1852, Reverend Raiford and his family moved to Arkansas where he died in 1955. She married (2) J.B. McDonald. Mrs. Maud Covington Raiford Strong of Hampton, Arkansas has the family history.

(15) John Covington, oldest son of John (2) Covington and his second wife, Nancy Wall, mentioned in his father’s Will of 1803, died after 1807, and before 1809. (See Deed of William, Thomas and Henry Covington, dated 1809) John lived in South Carolina and served in the Revolutionary War.

(16) Henry Covington, son of John (2) Covington and his second wife, Nancy Wall Covington, married 1797, Winifred Stone. (Perhaps some connection of Thomas Stone, signer of the Declaration of Independence from Queen Anne’s Co., Maryland) Henry had a son:

(a) LeRoy Covington born 1798, in South Carolina (census) and several other children before he died in 1815, according to his Will.

Henry Covington went to Tennessee and joined the Tennessee forces in the war of 1812, died in camp in 1815. His cousin, General Leonard Covington, was granted a commission by Gen. George Washington, dated March 4th. Covington, Kentucky was named for General Leonard Covington, and Covington, Louisiana. His home“Propinquity” in Mississippi is shown on the garden pilgrimage in Natches, Mississippi each year. The General Leonard Covington married (2) Rebecca Mackall. Camp Mackall in Richmond County during WWII named for them.

(17) James Covington, son of John (2) Covington and his second wife, Nancy Wall, married Nancy Cole. No further records. He was mentioned in John’s Will of 1803.

(18) Thomas B. Covington son of John Jr. (2) and his second wife, Nancy Love, who were married 1772/3. In John’s Will of 1803, he named his son Thomas “Big Tommy” as he was called, married Jane Thomas, daughter of William (Ram Billy) whose Will in 1800 named his daughter Jane Thomas. Jane and Thomas B. Covington lived at what is now called the late Ed Thomas homestead at Five Points which then was a large plantation, the land perhaps given to them by John Covington (2), the father. It is thought to be the original home, and many descendants have come back from Utah and other places to snap a picture of the ancestral home of Thomas B. Covington born about 1779. Children of Thomas and Jane Covington were:

(18A) John T. Covington born 1813.

(18B) Robert Dockery Covington born 1815, died 1902, married Elizabeth Ann Thomas, born 1820, daughter of John Pledger and Sarah Covington (102j) Thomas. They settled in Utah.

(18C) James Covington born 1816, married (1) Mary Covington (127) granddaughter of Samuel Covington (24) and Hannah Covington 910). He married (2) Sallie Vaughn and moved west.

(18D) William Covington died young.

(18E) Martha Covington born 1808, married Alexander Gay, and they moved to Iowa.

(18F) Thomas T. Covington born July 4, 1820, married Jane Ellerbe, and they moved to the neighborhood of Laurinburg, where John Covington 92) and Matthew Covington (9) once owned considerable land on Gum Swamp. This section was then in Richmond County, now Scotland County. Their children:

(2) Martha Covington married Lawrence Thomas Everett, born 1838 son of Calvin Arey Everett and Ann Everett. Their children:

(1) Mary married J. Thomas John;

(2) Thomas Calvin married Annice Shaw.

(3) William Married Ada Webster:

(4) Arey Covington Everette married Ella Spencer;

(5) Roberta Dixon Everett married B.F. Smoot;

(6) Annetta Everett married A.D. McLean

(7) Robert Covington Everett married Hannie Hemphill

(8) Louise Everett married Robert Adams

(9) George Thomas Everett married Grace Beale

(10) Harry L. Everett, unmarried

(11) Martha Washington Everett married Alex Gregg. (Calvin Arey Everett is buried at the old plantation three miles north of Rockingham on the old Guilford Road, known today as Lawyer Sedberry place.

(18G) Nancy Covington born 1835, married William Covington, son of Henry (62) and Elizabeth Williamson Covington.


(1) William Covington born 1829

(2) Alexander Covington born 1829

(3) Columbus Covington born 1832 married Susan Webb, moved west but left the following children in Richmond county:

(a) Miss Sue married a Thomas. Their children:

(1) Sue Thomas married Thomas Lee Covington, son of Thomas Preston (9A-6).

(2) W.C. Thomas (Billy Coon)

(18-4) Elizabeth Covington born May 27, 1834, married Hiram Hicks as his second wife. Their children were:

(a) Miss Hicks, married Z.O. Ellerbe. Their children: William, Hattie, Buck Ellerbe. (Z.O.‘s mother was Sally Covington (9A-7)

(b) Harriet Covington Hicks born July 2, 1860, married as second wife of James Haywood, born 1921, whose first wife Sarah Ann McDonald died in 1878. James Haywood had no children by Harriet, but by first wife there were several children. This family early settlers on Old Guilford Road, six miles north of Rockingham. Harriet C. Hicks Haywood had in her home a fine old mahogany sideboard, much sought after by antique collectors.

(19) ELIZABETH COVINGTON MARRIED JOHN COLE, JR., son of John Cole, Sr. who married Jane Bounds in Virginia in 1753. Elizabeth Covington was a daughter of John (2) Covington and his second wife, Nancy Love. Their children:

(1) William Bonaparte Cole born 1810 died 1881, married Jennie Crawford, born 1815, died 1902. Their children:

(a) John Wyatt Cole born 1837, died 1902, married Kate Steele who died in 1919. John Wyatt Cole had:

(1) W.B. Cole born 1872, died 1954, age 82, Manufacturer of Rockingham.

(b) Betty Crawford Cole born 1842, died 1891, married John C. Ellerbe, died 1892.

(c) Mary Leak Cole born 1855, died 1884.

(2) Nancy Cole married James Covington (17) son of John (2) and his second wife, Nancy Love.

(20) Rebecca Covington, daughter of John (2) Covington and his (2) wife, Nancy Love, married J. Smith (Parents of Mrs. Knight) No further record.

(21) Ann Covington, daughter of John Covington (2) and his second wife, Nancy Love, married Robert H. Thomas, born 26 April 1773, died 1847, Marlboro, South Carolina. Ann Covington Thomas was born about 1777. Robert H. Thomas was the son of Reverend Robert Thomas and Mary Sands. Their children:

(a) John Thomas born about 1796, Marlboro, South Carolina died as infant.

(b) Elizabeth Thomas born about 1798

(c) John Thomas born about 1800

(d) Miss Thomas born about 1902, married Preston Covington


(1) William Covington, son of John Covington, Sr., who married Mary Arey, July 13, 1731, at St. Luke’s Parish, Church Hill, Maryland, Queen Anne’s County, was born about 1732, served as Capt in the Virginia Colonial Militia, under Gen. George Washington from Essex County, Virginia in 1753. (Ref. Virginia Colonial Militia by Crozier, page 96) He received a grant of 2500 acres of land east of the Pee Dee river for his services in the Revolutionary War as Staff officer to the Commanding General in the 4th North Carolina Regiment, as Adjutant. Colonial Records of North Carolina Vol 16, page 1027 gives his service as enlisted March 28, 1777, to April 13, 1778. Virginia State papers Vol 1 page 237, tells about his service in Virginia and how many men under him.

Thomas who had joined the Society of Cincinnati-officers who served under General George Washington or descendants of an officer who served have been:

(1) Charles Coleman Covington or Rockingham, North Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina and his nephews Edmund Thompson, and Herbert Thompson; one joining under Capt William Covington and the other joined under the Coleman family. Children of William Covington and Mary Wall Covington:

(1A) John Covington born 1752, married Elizabeth Thomas, born 1759, a daughter of Reverend Robert Thomas, and Mary Sands Thomas, settled in South Carolina

John Covington died 28 Feb 1797, married 1776, Elizabeth Buried in Hebron. Quoting Capt. Everett, “Leaving his brother in Richmond County settled first on the north side of Little Pee Dee River in Robeson County. When the War of 1776 came on he was disliked by some of his neighbors who were tories, was deprived of his means of living and left nothing but a family. John, leaving his wife and babies with her friends, he entered the army. When the war ended he settled upon a farm beside his brother-in-law, Nathan Thomas in Hebron Settlement, Marlboro County, South Carolina” (Kinfolk page 443-444 gives him as a son of William and Mary Wall Covington through family records.Note that Lt. James Covington was killed Nov 28, 1776 and his brother Henry Covington (3) was already living in South Carolina so it was correctly stated by Capt Everett as “John leaving his brother, which was Benjamin Covington (5).. the only brother he had left in Richmond County. The children of John and Elizabeth Thomas Covington were:

(1) William Covington born 1777, died 1855, married Mary Bridges in 1800.

(2) Tristran Covington died unmarried.

(3) Robert Covington born about 1782. Will proved 1825, unmarried.

(4) Sarah Covington born about 1789, Heberon Com. South Carolina

(5) Mary Covington born about 1791, Heberon Com. married John Conner.

(6) Nancy Ann Covington born 1793, married John Easterling

(7) Thomas Sands Covington born 30 Aug 1794, died 12 April 1880, married 21 Jan 1818, Sarah Cook.

(8) An unborn child at the time of husband’s Will 1797.

Children of the above William Covington and Mary Bridges:

(a) John

(b) Henry Covington, a Captain in war of 1812. His children:

(1) Harrison Covington, Captain in Civil War, a brilliant young man, a lawyer of much power in the county, at one time a candidate for Congress. He died in the prime of life. His descendants married into families of prominence in South Carolina.

(c) Tristram

(d) Nellie Covington married Lewis Spear.

(3) Henry Covington, son of William (1) and Mary Wall Covington, who married July 26, 1750, was born about 1751, married about 1768, Elizabeth (Betsy) Smith, lived at Bennettsville, South Carolina, Marlboro County. (Kinfolk page 443-444 lists him as a son of William and Mary Wall Covington. Their children:

(22) John Covington, son of Henry (3) no record

(23) Henry Covington, probably married Miss Sands

(24) Samuel Covington married Hannah Covington about 1786. Hannah (10) was the daughter of John (2) Covington and his first wife, Hannah Dockery born in Maryland and came to North Carolina in 1769. Their children see this family under Hannah Covington (10).

(25) Mary Covington born 1778, married 1799/1800, William Covington (14), son of John (2) Covington and his second wife, Nancy Love. Their children under William Covington (14) line.

(25A)Sally Covington (25A) married 1788, Matthew Covington (9), son of John (2) Covington and Hannah Dockery Covington, his first wife. Their children under Matthew Covington (9) line.

(26) Charlotte Covington married her cousin Mastin Crawford, son of Rebecca Covington who had married Thomas Crawford, Sr.

(27) Betsy (Elizabeth) married Mr. Easterling of South Carolina.

(28) Nancy Covington married Mr. Easterling of South Carolina, died in childbirth.

(4) Mary Covington, daughter of William 92) Covington and Mary Wall Covington, who married July 26, 1750, married Robert Hunter. (See Hunter Line)

Benjamin Covington, son of William Covington (1) and Mary Wall Covington, married Frances Moorman 1780, and with their children (eight of them, had ten, two left in North Carolina) migrated to Kentucky about 1795. Benjamin died in 1814, and his wife, Frances died in 1825, both buried in Warren County, KY at Bowling Green. The two children left in North Carolina were: (the book, The Covingtons by W.S. Covington gives completed history of those who left and settled in Kentucky. They did not forget their kin in North Carolina as they remembered them in Wills, which see.) Frances and Benjamin married Mar. 6, 1780.

(29) Benjamin Covington born 1780, died Oct 1, 1827, married Jane Wall, Feb. 7, 1804, she born March 12, 1794, and died June 27, 1844. They had twelve children. Benjamin was known as General Benjamin “Sugar Ben.”

(67) Winston born April 12, 1806, died 1824, not married.

(68) Dr. Calvin Cole Covington, born 1807, died 1876, married and his wife, Elizabeth Cole, born 1780, who was a daughter of James Cole born 1755,a nd his wife, Hannah Sweeny Cole. James Cole born 1755, served in Revolutionary War with Matthew Covington born 1760, both settled in Carroll Co., Tennessee after 1828. Their children were:

(1) Benjamin H. Covington married Jennie Durant.

(2) Dr. J.M. Covington married Ella McRae.

(3) William C. Covington married Alice Steele, July 24, 1864.

(4) Winston W. Covington married Miss McIver.

(5) Chapman Covington married Mollie Wall.

(6) Corinna Covington married Thomas Horne.

(7) Calvin C. Covington, Jr married Annie Hennegan.

(69) John Wall Covington born 1810, died 1858, married 1854 to Fannie Steele. They had three children:

(1) Nettie Covington married Platt D. Walker.

(2) Fannie married Henry C. Dockery, born Oct 6, 1856, died Nov. 8, 1883. Henry Dockery married (2) Minnie LeGrand Everett, daughter of Capt. W.I. Everett.

(3) John Wall Covington, Jr. died when only 16 years old, born 1858, died 1874

(70) Harrison W. Covington born 1814, died 1848, married Mary Virginia Herndon of Alabama. Children:

(a) Caroline Covington married Capt. A.T. Cole.

(b) Edmond Covington married Martha Cole.

After Harrison W. Covington died in 1848, his widow Virginia Herndon Covington married Colonel A.D. McNeill of Harnett Co. Harrison W. Covington served in the State Senate 1848.

(71) James M. Covington born 1815, died 1840, married Caroline Crawford, Daughter of William Crawford who married Elizabeth Cole, born 1780, a daughter of James Cole born 1755.

(72) Benjamin H. Covington born about 3 miles south of Rockingham, June 20, 1812, graduated from Princeton University and was a lawyer, married Mary Ann Harlee, daughter of Colonel D.S. Harlee of Cheraw, South Carolina, June 17, 1847. Mary Ann Harlee was born in 1829. They built the fine old homestead “Golden Springs” about 1861-62. Benjamin H. Covington died 1866 in the 54th year, Mary Ann died 1876, in the 47th year. Their children:

(1) Reverend J.E. Covington became a baptist minister.

(2) Francis Frederick Covington, lawyer and expert court stenographer, born 1852, married 1884, Susan L. Aycock, born 1856 in Sumter County, South Carolina The Aycocks built the present Leak S. Covington home on Fayetteville Road in 1872, and sold it to John Wesley Covington in 1880.

(3) Benjamin Harrison Covington born 1858, married 1883 Annie M. Coxe born at Bennettsville, “Red Hill”. The old Coxe cemetery before the family moved to Bennettsville is situated just off the highway near Morvin, on what was once a fine old plantation. Benjamin died 1940. Their children:

(a) Francis Harlee Covington born 1897, married 1926 to Sallie Fisher.

(4) Hallie Fauline Covington born 1855, married 1881 William Lawson, a merchant in Birmingham, Alabama. Hallie died in 1925.

(73) Stephen W. Covington born 1817, died 1879, unmarried.

(74) Thomas Arey Covington married Laura Durant in 1853.

(75) Edmund D. Covington born 1823, died 1845, a graduate of the University of North Carolina class of 1844, with A.B. Degree, unmarried.

(76) Martha W. Covington born 1821, died 1840, unmarried.

(77) Frances Jane Covington married Thomas J. Mousey (Morrisey) in 1849.

(78) Sarah A. Covington born Dec. 28, 1827, died Dec 17, 1849, was first wife of John P. Little. Their children:

(1) Elizabeth Little married Reverend Joseph Wheeler.

(2) Sallie Little married Mr. Dowd,

John P. Little married (2) Fannie Myers of Anson County. Their children:

(1) Thomas Benjamin Frank.

(2) Callie Little married Alice Leak of Wadesboro.

(3) John P. Little, Jr. (Jack) married Annie M. Everett, daughter of W.I.E.

(4) Julian Addie Little, Laura, Fannie, Emma, not married.

Three of these children of General Benjamin and Jennie Wall Covington built fine houses just south of Rockingham, North Carolina along about the middle of the century (1850-1875). Benjamin and Mary Ann Harlle built the “Golden Springs’ home half a mile S.W. of town, later bought by Major John D. Shaw, owned later by Miss Esdale Shaw, but burned Oct 14 or 19, 1937. Thomas Arey and Lauran Durant Covington built on the old Cheraw road near the John Wall Covington home, but burned many years ago. And John Wall Covington born 1810, married Fannie Settle, built four miles south of Rockingham a two story fine home - this now owned by John Covington Dockery and his wife, the former Emily Cheshire - this John Dockery being the great grandson of John Wall Covington and Fannie Settle Covington.

(68) Dr. C.C. Covington was the son of Benjamin Covington (29) and Jennie Wall Covington. He was born Oct 16, 1807, died 1876, married Rachel Crawford 1836, born 1819, died 1881. Most of them buried in the Covington Cemetery one mile south of Rockingham, North Carolina. Their children:

(1) Benjamin H. married Jennie Durant, Dec 23, 1858.

(2) Dr. James Madison Covington born 1840, married Ella McRae, aunt of W.P. McRae. Their children:

(a) Octavia Covington.

(b) Platt Walker Covington, dead.

(c) Dr. James Madison Covington 3rd, still living.

(3) William Crawford Covington born 1842, married Alice Steele, July 31, 1864, in Cheraw, she born 1845, died 1917. William C. Covington died 1876. Their children:

(a) Calvin C. Covington died 1885, aged about 18.

(b) Walter Steel Covington died at Lenoir, 1930, and his wife, was Patty Louise Tuttle. They had one son Walter Edward Covington, living in Sumpter, South Carolina.

(c) Thomas Arey Covington born 1874, married Willie Eloise Rose of York, April 10, 1901, she born Sept 24, 1877, died Nov. 19, 1949. Their children:

(1) Florence Covington married (1) Grady Garrett, 1923, (2) Lemuel L. Wetmore, 1949, Greenwood, Mississippi.

(2) Harriette Crawford Covington born oct 28, 1906, married John T. Bennett, Jr. (Jack) on May 4, 1929.

(d) Hattie Covington born 1965, died 1890, married John C. Birmingham.

(e) Corina “Willie” Covington born 1877, married Mr. Tyler of Richmond.

(f) Mary Wall (Mamie) Covington born 1871, married Homer D. Baldwin, later sheriff of Richmond County, at Methodist Church on Dec. 22, 1891. Their children:

(1) Mamie Baldwin married (1) Ralph Smith, (2) Mr. Harkey.

(2) Alice Baldwin married Carl Garrett, son of Dr. F.J. Garrett.

(3) Minnie LeGrand Baldwin married Athos Cockman.

(4) Winston W. Covington born 1847, married Sallie McIver, daughter of a Presbyterian minister. Their son, Winston Wall Covington lies in Charlotte, North Carolina.

(5) Chapman Madison Covington married Molly Wall. He was born 1845, died 1888, Molly died 1890. Their children:

(a) Stephen Wall Covington

(b) Clay Wall Covington

(c) Rachel Crawford Covington, married L.J. Bell, Supt of Rockingham city schools, and County Supt for 42 years.

(6) Corinna Cole Covington born 1852, married Thomas Alexander Horne of Anson County on Jan 15, 1878. Their children:

(1) Shelley Crawford Horner married Walter Thomas Rose, they have son, Tom, Jr., living in Florida.

(2) Corinne Covington Horne married MacLean Bacon Leath on Jan 15, 1902. Their children:

(a) Attorney Thomas Horne Leath, married Mary Hadley Connor, 1930.

(b) Dr. MacLean Bacon Leath, Jr., married Lillian Bosewell Agnew on Dec 31, 1940, living in High Point.

(7) Calvin Cole Covington born 1849, died 1918, married Annie Hennegan, born 18558. Their children:

(1) Robert Ledbetter Covington born 1883, died 1885.

(2) Darby Hennegan Covington born 1884, died 1943.

(3) Annie L. Covington

Nancy Covington daughter of Benjamin and Frances Moorman Covington married Thomas Dockery, Jr., and remained in Richmond County. When Benjamin Covington (5), her father, died in Kentucky in July 21, 1914, Will in Book B, page 14, Warren County, Kentucky, he bequeathed to his son, Benjamin 929) in North Carolina 200 acres of land that he had bought from Stephen Thomas, and the 500 acres of land adjoining this Thomas land, a slave named Will, and to Nancy, wife of Thomas Dockery he gave a slave named Hannah. His son, John Covington, who died single in Kentucky, willed $1,000 each to the children back in North Carolina of Benjamin 929) and Nancy Dockery. Western Kentucky Teachers stands on this land in Kentucky.

(1) Elijah M. Covington, born 1773, went to Kentucky before his father, and became the first sheriff of Warren Co., Kentucky and the second surveyor, succeeding Rowland Madison who was county surveyor in the years 1779-80. Madison was perhaps a brother of President Madison, and a brother who was elected Governor in 1816. This Rowland Madison married a sister of Patrick Henry and is buried at the Smiths Grove Cemetery. Matthew Covington (9) was county surveyor 1780-86 in Richmond County, North Carolina and it is believed John Covington 92) and William 91) Covington taught this profession to their children.. anyway even to the present day some of the descendants are still surveyors… Capt. W.I. Everett was county surveyor until his death in 1911 in Richmond County.

The outstanding history of this family given in THE COVINGTONS, by W.S. Covington published 1942. Those children going to Kentucky in 1795 were:

(2) Polly Covington, not married, (3) Millie Covington, not married, (4) Letita, not married (5) Sally married Joseph Smith, (6) John Covington, not married, (7) Thomas Covington, not married, (8) Rachel married Henry Grider, (9) Isaac, married Margaret Hughes.


Elijah Covington 100 2 2 10

Henry Covington 101 4 1 6 4

James Covington 101 1 5 3

Joseph Covington 82 1 2 5

Mary Covington 81

Nathaniel Covington 44 1 4 26

Samuel Covington 102 1 3 2

Thomas Covington 102 1 3 3

Wells Covington 100 1 3 5 2

James Wall 101 1 1

Samuel Wall 1 1 1

Sarah Covington, daughter of Nehemiah, (11) and Rebecca Denwood Covington married first Edward Lloyd in 1703. She married (2) James Hollyday in 1721, son of Thomas and Mary Truman Hollyday. Sarah was born 1683/4, will proved 1755. Her father Nehemiah Covington and James Hollyday, and Edward Lloyd were three of the richest men at that time in Queen Anne’s Co. Maryland. St. Luke’s Church in Church Hill, Maryland was erected in 1729 and James Hollyday and family occupied pew no. 1. Sarah’s daughter Rebecca married at St. Luke’s Church. The Covingtons who came to Richmond County, North Carolina were members of this St. Luke’s Church and their weddings and births are recorded there… they were cousins of Sarah’s descending from Nehemiah Covington (1). Sarah built her mansions house, “Readbourne” after her marriage and when St. Paul’s Church was built in Centreville, Maryland, the “Readbourne” family changed to that. Here in this St. Paul’s church, Thomas Dockery, who came to North Carolina in 1769 with his son-in-law, John Covington (2) and four grandchildren, worshipped and was elected Elder in 1751, and held many prominent offices. Sarah’s son, James Hollyday, (11), was an outstanding layer, educated in England. There is a letter which James Hollyday wrote to his old friend, Thomas Dockery, in North Carolina in 1779, in the Maryland Historical Society. There are so many characteristics described concerning these Covingtons, their relations in Anson and Richmond Counties: Dancing and Banjo Music, listening to slaves sing, and just keeping a talented slave around who could sing, but was no good for anything else; giving land to slaves for their churches, and treating them so good that even when they were freed, they remained to die at what they called “home.” The Covingtons who came to North Carolina never forgot the stately mansion, “Readbourne” built by their kinswoman, Sarah Covington Lloyd Hollyday and many fine homes were built in North Carolina, Natchez, Mississippi; Casington, Mississippi; Westport, Connecticut; Chicago, Illinois; Kentucky, Georgia, Texas and anywhere a Covington owned land. Gracious living, many friends, good times, diligent in search for knowledge, good conversationalists, and as Major Robert Wells Covington wrote from his home in Kentucky in 1835, his rules for claiming kin to any Covington was: (1) the man must be upright, of good character and good citizens, (2) The woman must be beautiful (as most Covington women are), cultivated and attractive.

(6) Lieut. James Covington, son of William (1) and Mary Wall Covington was killed in Revolutionary War, Nov. 28, 1776. He was not married.

(7) Elizabeth Covington married Thomas Everett born 1772. Elizabeth born 1753, died 1820. Their line under Everett Family line.

(8) Rebecca Covington married Thomas Crawford, Sr. They were the parents of Thomas, Jr., born 1788 and Mastin Crawford who married Charlotte Covington (26). Their line under Crawford.


(101J) William Covington, was the son of John Covington, (100) as Capt. W.I. Everett designated him. According to the St. Luke’s Church records, he married (1) Sarah Newman in 1742, and had the following children: (His Will March 7, 1789) (Listed as Will gave them:) Married (2) Rachel Thomas born 1754, died 1827.

(2) Sarah Covington married John Pledger Thomas, Marlboro Co., South Carolina. They named a daughter Susan Newman Thomas.

(3) William Covington (there are several ideas as to which one he was, but in the Archives in Raleigh there is a William Covington who died 1828, Wills, in Anson County, Anson Co Records, Book A page 163. he named his wife Elizabeth and the following six children: John, Emelia, Nancy, Elizabeth, Margaret and one child not yet named. Will dated 1828. Another William Covington born 1753 in Maryland, died in Lincoln Co., GA in 1816. He was 22 years old at date of his commission 1775.

(4) Nathaniel Covington, according to Rachel’s records, he was born 1745.

(5) John Covington born about 1747, probably died in Revolutionary War.

(6) Rachel Covington died April 1788

(7) Peter Covington born about 1786, married Patty Donohoe, went to Kentucky.

(8) Benjamin Covington born about 1781, married Rebecca Hunter, daughter of James Hunter and his wife, Charlotte Smith Hunter. James was son of Capt. William Hunter, Sr.

(9) James Covington, no record.

(10) Asas Covington, no record.

(11) Phebe Covington, no record.

(12) Joseph Covington born April 15, 1789, died 1860 in Kentucky, married Nancy, born April 15, 1789, died July 13, 1861 in Kentucky. His wife, Nancy, was born on same date, and many thought these to be twins, but it was husband and wife. It takes family records to bring out the facts.

RACHEL THOMAS SECOND WIFE OF WILLIAM COVINGTON (102J) was born 1754, died in Kentucky in 1827., age 73. This second marriage must have taken place about 1774/5, Capt. Everett stated, “John Covington (100). Do not know the name of his wife, nor any of his children except William (102J). That was a correct statement, as William Covington (102J) was married (1) to Sarah Thomas at St. Luke’s church, Church Hill, Maryland and was in an older set as can be seen by his marriage. He might have been a cousin or even an Uncle, but was no doubt kin, as all those coming to North Carolina were baptized or married at St. Luke’s Church, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. Listed are some of the brothers and sisters of William Covington (102J) or at least married about the same time in Maryland: (1) William Covington (102J) married 1742, Sarah Newman; (2) Sarah Covington might have married Daniel Thomas; (3) Benjamin Covington, married Elizabeth about 1739, as their son Henry born 1742, and John b. 1740. All baptized at St. Luke’s. (4) John Covington married Mary Arey 1731, St. Luke’s.

None of William Covington’s (102J) children named any of their children, “WALL” or “AREY”.

(101J-1) Nathaniel Covington born 1745, according to records kept by Rachel Covington, was son of William Covington (102J) and his first wife, (1) Sarah Newman, married at St. Luke’s Church, Maryland 1742. Nathaniel died in Richmond County 1795. He married Miss Martha Ussery. Their children were:

104-J-Salatheus, not married

105-J-Henry married Miss Welch

106-J-Elijah married Elizabeth Pankey

107-J-Samuel married Lucy Pankey

108-J-John married Miss Jones

109-J-Ruby married Reuben Tarbutton

110-J-Asa married Rebecca Tarbutton

111-J-J.Baxley married Miss Thomas or Miss Hunter (2) wife, Miss Mason

He had a daughter Harriett who married Younger Newton.

(108-J) John Covington, fifth son of Nathaniel and Martha Ussery Covington, married Miss Jones. Their children were:

(1) Nathaniel Covington born about 1830, married Eliza Covington (126). She was born 1830. Their children were:

(a) William Harrison Covington (Walking Billy) married 1898, Anna Thrower born 1878, died Jan 1, 1853.

(b) Pressley Covington married Bessie Sinclair

(2) Henry Covington married Sarah Thomas Currie, born 1853, died 1931, she the first wife of Malcolm Currie who died 1885, b. 1841. Her mother was Elizabeth Bolton, born 1813, died 1888, age 75, married Mr. Thomas.

(3) James Covington (Jim Riley) married Rachel Covington, born 1863, daughter of Henry Covington (Speaking Henry) who was born 1842.

(4) Maggie Covington married Mr. Covington (Sam Covington, born 1876, died 1933, Chief of Police for many years, their son.

(5) John Covington, not married.

(6) Tom Covington, lost arm in Spanish American War.

(7) Mary married a Mr. Black.

(8) Thaney married Mr. Thompson

(9) One daughter married Dawkins.

(113-J) Thomas Covington born 1810, married Hannah Covington (124) daughter of Henry Covington (62), a half sister of John Bennett Covington. Their had seven children:

114-J-Ann Eliza Covington, married John Bolton, buried Green Lake.

115-J-Elijah Hunter Covington married Decmus Northam, war 1865

116-J-James Hampton Covington born 1845 married Ellen Howard, (Miss Sue, long time school, John C. Covington, Zim Ella married Harris, in 1900 moved to Mississippi married (2) King, died 1962 in Mississippi there were eight or nine children of James Hampton and Ellen Howard Covington.

(117-J-Thomas J. Covington, private in war of 1865

(118-J-Benjamin F. Covington, private in war of 1865

(119-J-William R. Covington, private in war of 1865

(120-J-Mollie Covington married Mr. Dunn.

(114-J) Ann Eliza Covington, oldest child of Thomas (113-J- and Hannah Covington (124) married J.W. Bolton, Sr. or Jr. His father was Kelly Bolton, who married Miss Newberry and they lived on Cartledge Creek near Ellerbe Springs. Ann Eliza Covington Bolton was born Aug 6, 1839, died Jun 3, 1913. They had eight children. Atty. W.B. Bolton of Fredericksburg, Virginia is a grandson of Ann Eliza and J.W. Bolton.

(102j-8) Benjamin Covington born about 1781, married Rebecca Hunter, daughter of James and Charlotte Smith Hunter, he was son of William Covington (102J) who died 1789 and Rachel Thomas Covington who died in Kentucky in 1827. Their children were:

(A) Matthew Covington (Sharon Church Com. married Elizabeth Capel, daughter of William Capel. Matthew Covington died in Indian Wars in George in 1830s. Their children were:

(1) Terrel, married (1) Eranda Campbell, and their children were: Henry L. Covington of Pensacola, Florida and R.V. Covington of Jacksonville, Florida who died March 31, 1959, age 92. Terrel married (2) Rebecca Reddy, born in Ireland, but they had no children.

(2) Thomas M. Covington son of Matthew, killed at Gaines Mill.

(3) Henry Covington married in Virginia

(4) Wilson Covington.

(5) Calvin Covington

(6) John Covington

(7) Annie Covington

(B) Mial Covington born April 8, 1808, married Mary Ann Jones born 1812. Their children: Reverend Benjamin Gaston; Eliza Ann married Starling Bostick, Albert, Nathan and Thomas.

(C) John M. Covington married Elwell McRae.

(D) Daniel Covington married Daisy Capel.

(E) Benjamin Anna Jane Jones.

(F) Jane Covington married as first wife to Alfred Baldwin. He had no children by second wife.. Everett.

(102-J-7) Sarah Covington married her first cousin, John Pledger Thomas born Dec 18, 1787 she born 1788. They lived in Marlboro Co., South Carolina and she named one daughter, Susan Newman Thomas

(102-J-7) Peter B. Covington born about 1786 in Richmond County, North Carolina married Patty donohoe, moved to Kentucky. Their children:

(1) William Harrison Covington born 1811 died Oct 1892 in Kentucky, married Mildred Spillman, 1834, died 1896, at Peducah, Kentucky. William Harrison and Mildred Spillman Covington were the parents of:

  1. Dr. James Covington

  2. Euclid H. Covington

  3. Dr. Gus Covington

  4. French Covington

  5. Hardin Covington

  6. Dr. Thomas Hughes Covington married Woodson, died Feb. 4, 1884, Kentucky. Their children:

(a) Marcus Euclid Covington b. 1875, married Edna, Mary Covington of Florida in 1913

(b) Matthew Leake Covington

(c) William Lyon Covington

(d) Nart Ekka

(e) Virgie Lee Covington

(115-J- Elijah Hunter Covington married Decmus Northam, served as private in war of 1865. Northam Cemetery named for Decmus Northam’s family. This family left Richmond County, and their home at what is now known at the A.J. Harrington old plantation and settled at Pachuta, Mississippi. Their children were:

(1) Alice Covington a handsome young woman in 1912.

(2) Minnie Covington

` (3) Janice Covington

(4) Robert E. Covington. Here is a letter written by him in 1954. He is now dead.

Dear Mrs. McSwain,

I have your letter of April 7th, and you must pardon me for not writing sooner. I visited out there (North Carolina) in 1912 and took dinner with the Neil Graham family. I cannot tell why but I was taught to say Mr. Neil Graham, and Cousin Rachel. She was the sister of your grandfather, Euclid Covington. I very distinctly remember Essie and Sallie Mae, and I very distinctly remember the time when Bascom Hamer and myself went home from school with Mr. Graham when he was our teacher, and Cousin Rachel put us to bed and told us to name the bed post, each one for a little girl and the one we looked at first the next morning would be the girl we would marry or be our sweetheart.

During our 1912 visit Alice and I attended a party in your home, and I met Alma and Ethel, daughters of Walter B. Covington. I was 27 years old at the time and they were very young girls.

I have a son who is a lawyer, attended Duke University in North Carolina and my daughter, Elizabeth is secretary to President Eisenhower in the White House.

I know that there were other children beside Uncle William Riley Covington born 1808 and my grandfather, Thomas who married Hannah Covington. I’ll write you again just as soon as possible.

Yours very truly,

(signed) Robert E. Covington

(102-J-12) Joseph Covington is the unborn child mentioned in William Covington’s Will of March 7, 1789 was born April 15, 1789, died Nov 2 1860 in Warren County Kentucky, married Nancy born April 16, 1789, died July 13, 1861. Joseph B. Covington was still paying tax on 125 acres of land on David’s Creek which flows into the Pee Dee river near Allenton, and Randle Church - the oldest Methodist Church in North Carolina in 1941, when Stanley county was cut off from Montgomery and Anson. This site is near the beginning of the old Plank road which swept across the upper section of Richmond County and made connection with the Cross Creek Road (Fayetteville). This road was laid out in 1772. Since Joseph B. Covington was the youngest child of William (102-J) and Rachel Thomas Covington, this land could have been the site of their old home place. Benjamin Covington, (102-J-8) married Rebecca Hunter, a sister of Hannah Hunter who married Thomas Roper, and the Ropers lived in this same vicinity on the east side of the Pee Dee River. Covingtons have lived in this section since Richmond County was erected from Anson, and even before, and William Covington (102J) was either a cousin or an Uncle of the two brothers: John Covington 92) who married Hannah Dockery in Oct. 8, 1758 at St. Luke’s Church, Church Hill, Maryland and William Covington (1) who married Mary Wall, July 26, 1750. We know by John Covington, Sr.‘s Will in 1767 that John (2) and William (1) were brothers, and settled around Morven and what is now Rockingham, North Carolina. Descendants of both sets of Covingtons sticking pretty close to land granted their first ancestors in the 1770’s.


Capt. W.I. Everett’s records and numbers he used contained in his record

Isaac S. London, his records as Editor of Post-Dispatch

DAR Records of any number of Covingtons.

Revolutionary War pension records of Matthew Covington

Revolutionary War pension records of John Covington, South Carolina

Wills of John Covington 92) made in 1803

Deeds of 1807

Deeds of Esther Everett and Walter K. Covington 1892

Will of William Covington 1858

Will of Benjamin Covington 1850

Wills of Olds

The Old Free State by Bell.

The Virginia Colonial Militia by Crozier.

The Colonial Records of North Carolina

North Carolina History by Lewis Pub. Co. 1919

Early maps of 1825, which show the old Plank road, early ferrys

Stanly County tax list for 1841, 1848, 1856

DAR Library in Washington, DC

Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore by Torrence.

Virginia State Library

Maryland Archives

National Archives, Washington, DC pensions

National Genealogical Society of which I am a member

Passports through Indian Nation 1810-1811.

Films 1800 Anson, Montgomery and Stanly Counties

Records by letter and person contact with Covingtons from Maine to California since 1835 and some work done most every day.

The book The Covingtons by W.S. Covington

The book Covington Cousins by Eure Covington White, Dallas Texas.

Mrs. Robert Thomas Scott, Alberta, Canada, Descendant of the Covingtons and Thomas Families who has done a tremendous amount of research

Contact with Virginia Covingtons who helped me find first the marriage at old St. Luke’s Church, Church Hill, Maryland of the Richmond County Covingtons

Ministers in Maryland who wrote me; Wills of all early Covingtons in Maryland

Librarian in Centreville, Maryland

Wills and Deed of Anson County, by McBee.

A trunk full of old letters belonging to my mother

A husband who is a lawyer and good researcher to show me how to get at the facts and who travels with me to all old cemeteries for the past 30 years.

Isaac S. London who as done more than any other person in Richmond County to secure information from the correct source and put all the facts together.

Covington Wills in Virginia.

History of Queen Anne’s Co. Maryland by Emery

Nationally known researchers contacted.