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Research for Church History

by Tia Wilcox

My ancestors Ruth Jones and Daniel Williams, on the Callie Dawn Barton Wilcox’ s side (my mom’s side) of my family came to be converted to the restored gospel:

Daniel Williams a son of Roderick and Elizabeth Evans Williams, was born 23 August 1783 in Breconshire, Llandeilo’r Fan., South Wales. His wife, Ruth, a daughter of William & Margaret David Jones, was born in March 1780 in Tn-Abbot, Breconshire, Wales. They were married 18 December 1802 when he was nineteen years and she was twenty-two. They had eight children all of whom were born on their farm called “Blackthorn” in Breconshire, Wales. (4)

They came to America for the sake of the gospel. They were taught the gospel by their son in law, John E. Price, who states in his journal he walked thirty five miles to baptize his mother in law and her son Daniel Jr. (1)

Ruth was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 4 November 1849 and Daniel was baptized in 1853 just before they sailed to America. A family historian said he delayed being baptized because if he became a Mormon, nobody would hire him to work for them. He was a basket weaver, farmer and gardener. (4)There is some descrepincy in my sources as to if Daniel was baptized right before or right after coming to America .

They sold their belongings and had means to come to America. They were listed in the shipping records as being independent and not requiring church assistance. They sailed for America 5 of February 1853, leaving Liverpool on the ship Jersy under the direction of Captain George Holliday with 314 saints aboard. Half were English and half were Welch, causing a confusion of tongues which was quite amusing. They arrived at New Orleans 21 Mar 1853. They were six weeks on their journey. The wagon train consisted of 42 wagons drawn by oxen. Their captain was Joseph W. Young, a nephew of Brigham Young. (1)

When they started out across the plains they had a team and wagon. but something went wrong with their wagon and some of the other wagons, so Daniel walked most of the way and led a horse which Ruth rode. At that time he was 70 and she was 73. They arrived in Salt Lake Valley the first week of October 1853. Their son,. John Jones Williams and his wife Jane Emma Merrificld Williams arrived two weeks later. The parents left England two weeks earlier than John and Jane and were two weeks ahead of them all the way. Both families settled in Brigham City. Daniel and Ruth received their endowments in the Endowment house in Salt Lake City and were sealed the same day on 14 September 1861. They lived in Brigham City until Ruth died in November 1868. She is buried in Brigham City. At this time Daniel moved to Idaho and made his home with sons and daughters in Saniania and Malad City. John Jones Williams, the next to the youngest son, had moved with his families to Malad and was given credit as being the first settler of that city in 1865. Daniel died 18 December 1870 at Samana and was buried beside his wife in Brigham City in January 1871.(4)