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Daniel Williams and Ruth Jones Williams

Compiled by Leveda F. Williams and bits taken from the history of Ruth Williams Price (Sister of Samuel Daniel).

Daniel Williams a son of Roderick and Elizabeth Evans Williams, was born 23 August 1783 in Breconshire, Llandeilo’r Fan., South Wales. His wife, Ruth, a daughter of William & Margaret David Jones, was born in March 1780 in Tn-Abbot, Breconshire, Wales. They were married 18 December 1802 when he was nineteen years and she was twenty-two. They had eight children all of whom were born on their farm called “Blackthorn” in Breconshire, Wales

Ruth was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 4 November 1849 and Daniel was baptized in 1853 just before they sailed to America. A family historian said he delayed being baptized because if he became a Mormon, nobody would hire him to work for them.. He was a basket weaver, farmer and gardener.

They were able to pay their own fare for the trip to America without help from the Church. They sailed for America in mid-February 1853 and arrived in New Orleans from which they came to Salt Lake Valley. When they started out across the plains they had a team and wagon. but something went wrong with their wagon and some of the other wagons, so Daniel walked most of the way and led a horse which Ruth rode. At that time he was 70 and she was 73. They arrived in Salt Lake Valley the first week of October 1853. Their son,. John Jones Williams and his wife Jane Emma Merrificld Williams arrived two weeks later. The parents left England two weeks earlier than John and Jane and were two weeks ahead of them all the way.

Both families settled in Brigham City. Daniel and Ruth received their endowments in the Endowment house in Salt Lake City and were sealed the same day on 14 September 1861. They lived in Brigham City until Ruth died in November 1868. She is buried in Brigham City. At this time Daniel moved to Idaho and made his home with sons and daughters in Saniania and Malad City. John Jones Williams, the next to the youngest son, had moved with his families to Malad and was given credit as being the first settler of that city in 1865. Daniel died 18 December 1870 at Samana and was buried beside his wife in Brigham City in January 1871.

Their sons and daughters are:

  1. Roderick Jones Williams born 1806 in Llandilerfau, Breckonshire, Wales. He married Ann Price.

  2. William Jones Williams was born 7 April 1808 in Llandilerfau. He married Ann Williams. They had no family.

  3. Reese Jones Williams who was born in 1811 and never married.

  4. Daniel Jones Williams was born 1814. He married Margaret Evans and Ann Mason

  5. Ruth Williams, born 14 April 1816. She married John Evan Price in May 1841. They joined the Mormon church in 1847. They suffered many hardships and much persecution because of their religion and John could not obtain employment. They sent their daughters, Ruth and Mary to Salt Lake in 1864 and then the rest of the family was able to join them by sailing on the ship ~ Water towards America in May of 1865, arriving in Salt Lake City September 25, 1866 and then on to Malad to live with daughter Ruth who was married to Frederick Thomas. “She and her husband, John, and sons, Daniel E. and John E. took up 160 acres of land 8 miles west of Malad and were the first white settlers in the desolated waste of what came to be known as Sainaria on April 16, 1868. They chose this isolated spot because of the two streams of water running through it. One was cool and clear and the other warm enough that even the coldest winter days wouldn’t freeze it. They also fell in love with the beautiful green, rolling range of hills on the south of his dug-out, the first residence in the settlement.” She died 20 September 1873.

    • Daughter born October 30, 1842 in Merthyrr Tydfil, Gklamorganshire, Wales.
    • Isaac born May 7, 1845 and died in 1846 in Merthyrr.
    • David born 1847 and died the same year in Llanelly. Breconshire.
    • Ruth born April 16, 1848 in Llanelly. Married Frederick Thomas in Malad before 1867.
    • Mary born June 1, 1850 and sent to Salt Lake at age 14 in 1864.
    • Daniel E. born November 17, 1852 at Talgarth. Breconshire. Wales. Married Man Jenkins (Williams) on March 15, 1875. They had 13 children, but only four (all girls) reached maturity. Daniel died February 18, 1926 in Samaria.
    • John E. Jr. born January 18, 1855 at Llanfigan., Breconshire, South Wales. Married Emma Morse on March 15, 1883. Died March 13, 1908 in Samaria. Nine children.
    • Ann Marie Price Roderick born June 14, 1859
  6. Mary Williams was born 28 January 1819. She married David Price Davis (he came to America and left Mary in Wales, since she didn’t want to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or come to America). They had two children, the eldest of whom was Daniel W. Davis. She died 20 October 1888. (See history in book Samarians found in Family History Library.) and Mrs. Lewellyn (Bud) Williams (granddaughter in law to Ruth Williams Price.

  7. John Jones Williams was born August 12, 1823 on a farm called Blackthorn in the Trent, South Wales. He was baptized in 1850. He married Jane Emma Merrifield February 14, 1852 and Mary Jones March 6. 1857. He was given the credit of being the first white settler in Malad in April 1864 and the presiding Elder. He died January 10, 1899, the father of 24 children.

  8. Samuel Daniel Williams born 10 April 1826. He married Ann Price in November 1850 and Elizabeth Ann Parry Powell 25 November 1866. He died 27 August 1900.