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A History of Daniel and Ruth Jones Williams

Daniel and Ruth Jones Williams, my Great Grand-parents were both born at Liandilorfan, Brekon-shire, South Wales. Daniel was the son of Roderick and Elizabeth Evans Williams and was born August 23, 1783. Ruth was the daughter of William and Margaret David Jones and was born in the month of March, 1780.. Not knowing anything of their childhood years, but through much research of records and making contact with distant elderly relatives we learned that our Great-[grand]father did some farming and also was a good weaver of straw by trade. He also wove straw for many of the fine straw hats of London and also made and sold many beautiful and useful baskets of various sizes and shapes. They were married about 1805 at Llandilorfan. To this union a family of eight children were born. Their names were–Roderick, William, Reese, Daniel Jr. Ruth, mary, John and Samuel. Grand-father Daniel was of medium build with dark hair and blue eyes. Grand-mother Ruth was a large woman with dark hair and eyes. Both Grand-parents accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through teachings of Mormon Missionaries. In the year of 1853 they came to America to make their home for the sake of their religion. On the 15th of February 1853, they sailed from Liverpoole, England on the ship Jersey, under the direction of Captain George Halliday with 314 saints. They arrived in New Orleans March 21, 1853. They then proceeded up the Mississippi River to an outfitting station at Kanesville, Iowa where the journey across the plains was continued. Date of departure from Kanesville was July 11, 1853, under the direction of Joseph W. Young. They startedt their long treck across the plains in extreme heat, with 321 souls and 42 wagons pulled by ox teams. Great-Grand-Father owned a wagon but only one horse, so he loaned his wagon to other emigrants, who in turned hawled their few possesions and Great-Mother rode the horse a good portion of the way because she was so heavy on her feet, with Great-Grand-Father walking by her side even though he walked with a staff. The long journey was extremly hard on people their age. Daniel being 69 and Ruth was 72 years of age. They arrived in Salt Lake City on the 10th day of October 1853, but didn’t stay only a short time. They were welcomed by the Church Leaders but were advised to travel on to Brigham City, Box Elder County, where they made their home in a Dugout. Their hardships were many coming into a new country without much means of support. They both worked in the Church dilligently and Daniel advanced to the office of High Priest. He continued with his [profession] as a weaver, but in place of straw he used small willows which he gathered from the banks of the Bear River and wove them into baskets. He sold many of them and traded some for corn, flour etc, An Aunt related that his baskets were in most of the early homes of Brigham City. He also aquired some land and did a little farming and each summer he raised a large vegetable garden that he enjoyed sharing with friends and neighbors. Grand-Mother worked as other Pioneer Sisters did making her own soap, candles, cheese etc..