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Albert Minnerly, son of John Minnerly and Katherine Taylor was born 23 Dec. 1836 at Thompson Town, Sullivan County, New York. His parents joined the church in 1840. His father died soon after. His mother died in 1846. Being left an orphan at the tender age of 10, and being of a very independent spirit he joined with his cousin, Elijah Minnerly Steers, who had lost his father. After ten years of making their own living decided to go to California. They stopped over in Utah, where each had relatives, Albert’s sister, wife of Charles Shumway and his brother Levi, Elijah Steers’ mother, who had come to Utah with the early pioneers. When the boys got as far as St. Louis, Apostle Parley P. Pratt, then in St. Louis, being aquainted with their foks in Utah, convinced them they had better stop with their folks in Utah. He taught then the Gospel in its purity. Albert says of that time, the Lord led then to Brother Pratt. He was baptized by Andrew Sprawle and confirmed by Bro. Pratt on the Creek bank in 1857. He was married to Mary Jane Peck 19 July 1858, in Salt Lake, Utah. She was the daughter of Hamson Grey Otis Peck and Margaret Anges and was born 23 June 1843 in Boston, Mass. She died in 1891. He married Rettie Hall in 1898. He died 4 Oct. 1916, age 80 years at Taylor, Arizona.