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The Wizard of San Juan

By Joel W Norton

He came to San Juan County
To help reclaim the land.
Sage brush fields would disappear
As if by waving his hand.

‘Twas hard work without a doubt
To make from desert a rose.
It just looks by all he touched
Remarkable wizardry shows.

He did carry his water
In little kegs made of wood.
Drink from a bag made of cloth
It seems by magic he could.

Another amazing sight
At the forge with clever hands
Shaping the tools and plow shears
Whatever his need demands.

So made were these impressions
On the mind of one small lad.
Confirmed-and not forgotten
By one experience had.

Taking a taste from a jar
The lad thought he was alone.
No one to see his mistake-
But the wizard had been shown.

“Don’t do like that on a farm
Poisons and dangers abound.
This time all that you tasted
Was old deodorant found.”

Now this day the wizard showed
Strength to safeguard family.
How did he learn? In a dream?
Or a vision readily?

Who is this man of magic?
Who is this wizard of fame?
From his is our legacy-
George Franklin Barton’s his name!